Managing files in CRM has never been this easy – Introducing Freshsales Files

Freshsales files, the most awaited feature request is out! Managing sales documents (price quotes, proposals, invoices, etc.,) of existing and potential customers is one among the daily chores of sales reps. Uploading files to Freshsales and attaching them to your leads, contacts accounts or deals is a convenient way to keep your sales documents organised in one place.

Let’s see how sales reps can use Freshsales files



Share a file with your team

Say, you want to attach a policy document to most of the leads. All you have to do is upload the document to one lead and share it with your team. In turn, your sales reps can attach the shared file to their respective leads. That’s how Freshsales files optimizes your storage space.


Share files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or any cloud storage

Using Links, you can upload files from Google Drive, Dropbox or any publicly available source of your organisation, share it with your team and attach it to your leads, contacts, accounts and deals. So every time you view your lead, you get a quick list of references to these files from different sources related to the lead.



Why is it recommended to link files to your CRM?

  1. Auto-update new version of the file, without any manual effort: Iterations after reviews or revised quotes means extra manual effort to update the new version of the file to the CRM. But Freshsales discourages all these time-consuming manual efforts. Just revise the document in Google Docs or Dropbox and link it to your leads. When your sales reps review the leads, they would have the updated document attached to the lead, just a click away.
  2. Secure documents with restricted access: If you have sensitive information in the document attached to a deal, you can restrict its access among the users who can view the deal. Link your file to the deal using the URL, and set your custom authentication using your cloud storage services. That’s it, you can now share and collaborate securely.
  3. Save storage cost: Increase your storage space tenfold by linking files from cloud services with free storage space. Use Links under Files to attach them to your deals and contacts.

Freshsales Files is available in Blossom, Garden, Estate and Forest. Each user can store files upto 1GB.

That’s all for now. Everything is served as ordered. Of course, we still have a few more under preparation so watch this space for more updates. Until then, do try out Freshsales Files (refer solution article) and share your experience with us.