Our customers on how Freshsales helped them drive growth and gain traction

We have completed a year since we launched Freshsales. We decided to build a sales CRM to solve some of the challenges faced by sales teams who were fed up of using clunky, complex CRMs.

During the last year, we have been getting consistent feedback from our customers on how Freshsales helped them drive traction and grow their business. In a highly cluttered sales CRM market, it also helped us understand the real worth of our brand. We decided to compile a few of these comments and share some of our customers’ experiences with Freshsales.

Single pane view into the prospect’s behavior

What can help a salesperson sell more is the ability to get a 360° view into the prospect’s behavior. Most often, the sales teams need to juggle between multiple tools and this leads to the information getting fragmented across different screens.

Freshsales includes all features we expect in an agile sales CRM solution. Our sales team has a quick overview of leads and deals, and is equipped with the necessary information in one screen. We’re very excited about how Freshsales will support our sales process in the future.

-Dr.Axel Niclas, Celexon Group

We operate a SaaS business that does not have a typical CRM requirement. We have a lot of leads in our funnel and need a system that allows us to track those through a one-time sales process. Freshsales allows us to focus on converting our leads. The interface is so intuitive that our new sales staff do not require training on how to use Freshsales, they just hit the ground running.

-Chris Gaulin, Fastoche.ca

Looking at the Bulk Mail feature, I am able to mail many customers at the same time, and have everything about the client on one single point.

-Michael, Scaleo-up.com

Complete visibility into the sales pipeline

If you are a salesperson, you really want to know how effective your selling has been, and keep track of your deals. Visibility into your sales pipeline tells you if your business is headed in the right direction; you can also figure out “what’s in it for you.”

Matching our sales process with the Freshsales deal pipeline resulted in a greater visibility into the deal status and also reduced our sales cycle by 28%.

 –Erica Mannherz, Reply.Ai

Our sales process is complex. We were easily able to match it with the Freshsales deal pipeline and this resulted in a 4x reduction of our sales cycle. Configuring the Freshsales deal pipeline to our sales process and the regular insights we obtain through the reports in Freshsales have resulted to a significant 7x upswing in our revenue.

 -Antonio Palanca, HiveXchange

HiveXchange achieved a 20% month over month growth rate with Freshsales. Check out the full story.

Prioritise the best leads

In the era of inbound marketing, a salesperson is often inundated with leads and struggles to keep pace with the inflow. Difficulty to identify the important prospects is the most pressing challenge for a salesperson.

Freshsales lead scoring makes it easy to see the leads who are responding well and who can possibly convert to a deal. The social profiles being auto-enriched helps us prioritize deals and act accordingly.

-Rajath KM, Hyperverge 

Freshsales’ ability to show in-app events and customize lead scores accordingly has allowed us to approach the right contacts at the right time, enabling us to double up our revenue.

-Daniel E. Goodrich, Covalent Careers

Covalent Careers moved from SalesforceIQ to Freshsales and increased its revenue by 100%. Check out the full story.

Insights that help optimise the sales process

Reporting provides sales managers with the insights needed to identify bottlenecks and figure out how performance has been relative to key metrics.

Freshsales Reporting has eliminated the need of manual data mining, leading to a 60% decrease in the time taken to generate valuable reports on demand.

-Erica Mannherz, Reply.Ai

Freshsales reporting is providing us insights into which channels are providing a higher ROI. With Freshsales, we are able to save up to 50% time in putting together these reports.

 -Sourav Goswami, IManageMyHotel

Customer support that makes all the difference

We believe in the oft-quoted phrase by Damon Richards, “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

I had a suggestion for the software and the support team immediately jumped on a call with me to figure out a solution. Freshsales has been an easy rollout for my team and I firmly believe that this software is only going to get better.

-Dylan T Eagle, PRO Lighting Group, INC

We realized that we were an early adopter with Freshsales and expected some bumps along the way. The support team has been excellent at responding to our requests and including some of our ideas. We are excited about the potential with Freshsales, and will never return to our old clunky and bulky CRM.

-Chris Gaulin, Fastoche.ca

Better than the rest in the market

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing from your customers that you are better than everyone they’ve worked with. We have been getting some great reviews on why we are better than the rest in the market.

Zoho was immediately ditched the minute I discovered Freshsales. The beautiful user interface, custom fields, and the fact that you can easily sort your leads by your own custom fields made me fall in love instantly.

-Jean-Paul Bernadina, Axxon.co
What makes Freshsales a better Zoho alternative? Here are some facts.

We chose Freshsales after considering several CRMs and after using Salesforce. Ours is a small company, and we don’t have time to run custom integrations or get our heads around complex tools like Salesforce. Freshsales has an easy-to-use UI, they integrate with Segment, and their price is affordable. We’re very happy with our decision!

-Daniel Lopes, Know Your Company
What makes Freshsales a better Salesforce alternative? Here are some facts.

We outgrew our Trello board to keep track of leads. Freshsales is simple and well designed, while still powerful and highly customizable.

-Pablo Pera, Reply.ai

Freshsales allows you to automate most of your lead management tasks like capturing leads from web forms and emails, scoring them, and assigning them to the right sales reps—so they can just focus on the hottest leads.

It’s fresh and nice. I am coming from the aspects of using InfusionSoft, Ontraport and many other Marketing Automation / CRM tools. You are giving serious competition to these guys in your positioning w.r.t features and benefits.

-Pramodh BN, samatha.co.in


Bridge the gap between sales and support

A common sales practice emphasizes the need for regular interaction with your customers. Your current customers are also your next best ones. So it’s important to keep your sales and support teams in sync.

We already use Freshdesk for our support tickets, and Freshsales has a simple interface that fits in well with our strategy. We’ve been able to get data across departments, plus we have global access to the sales pipeline—we’re set and happy with Freshsales!

-Jeremy Mitchell, Eventix

With integration into Freshdesk, Freshsales has taken the sales side of our business a step forward. We provide great support using Freshdesk and now support staff can see a full picture of a customer – deals, customer details and activities. It has both sides of our business talking again!

-Craig Mclaughlin, Open Office (APAC)

Make the life of a salesperson easier and efficient

We built Freshsales with one goal: to make the life of a salesperson easier and more efficient through CRM.

The interface is very simple and minimalistic. It’s easy to set up and the training for the sales team is very short. The interface allows easy monitoring of your day-to-day sales activities and sales funnel management.

-Sreeraj Das, Banker’s Quotient

Among the other CRMs out there, Freshsales is the best! In less than an hour, I had all my leads imported and the system figured out. It actually makes sales fun again.

-Julie Brant Simbro, ACE Mystery Shopping

I am very happy with many of the features in Freshsales. It has made it much easier for me to track new leads and follow-ups, as well as determine how successful we are with our leads. 

 -James Ransom, ransomit.com

Freshsales is easy to use, and it gives us everything we need to reach out to new customers. This means we can just focus on one thing—new sales!

-Debbie Collins, Food Profit Group

As a new startup with multiple remote workers, we needed an easy-to-use online system that allows team members to coordinate our lead generation and sales efforts. Freshsales generously allows one to start with the free plan and then ease into the paid plan as growth begins.

 -Mike Shaffer, Noumenon Labs

At Freshsales, we love listening to our customers, and we look forward to hearing from them more! As we step into our second year, we want to thank every customer who’s joined us in our journey to make CRMs hassle-free, effective, and, most importantly, fun to use!