Feature Release: Emails in Freshsales to Manage Your Sales

Did you know that an electron can be in two places at the same time? Two Nobel Prize quantum physicists proved this bizarre theory that Einstein himself rejected on the grounds of unpredictability, calling it “spooky action at a distance”.What does quantum mechanics have to do with emails in Freshsales?
If you’re a salesperson using Gmail, you’d probably divert attention from your CRM to Gmail to send personalized messages to your leads. But, what if you could send an email using Gmail right within Freshsales? Also, what if all your sales emails are in both places? Did you email from Gmail or Freshsales? Or both? Wait, did you just achieve quantum superposition? We hear Einstein rolling in his grave.

We’ve implemented your most requested update to email integration with no spooky action!

Connect Your Email in Freshsales

Integrating your email with Freshsales offers more than just emails in one place. You can:

  1. manage how you send transactional and bulk emails
  2. minimize manual data entry by accessing all your sales email interactions by lead/contact
  3. create leads automatically from emails exchanged with new contacts

Emails in Freshsales For personalised and bulk sales emails that are typically sent to a limited group of recipients, send them using Gmail, Outlook or other mail servers which grant satisfactory bulk sending limits for business-related emails.

Email integration is available from our Blossom plans.

Use Freshsales SMTP server for mass emails because we support higher sending limits. Mass emails are intended for a much larger target group (over several hundred recipients), for which providers are bound to have restrictions on daily sending limit and bounce rates. Failure to follow your email provider’s sending limits can result in the provider temporarily suspending outgoing emails from your email account. Also, high bounce rates as a result of email rejections can impact future deliverability.

Fresh note: Freshsales is one of the very few CRMs that offer bulk email functionality without a third-party integration!

To send via Freshsales SMTP,

  1. Go to Profile Settings > Connect Your Email
  2. Click Edit SMTP
  3. Choose Use Freshsales SMTP server to send emails
  4. Click Save.

On saving this choice, all emails sent from Freshsales will be sent through Freshsales SMTP server until you manually revert to your email provider’s server. Bulk email functionality is available in our Blossom, Garden and Estate plans, and sending limits vary based on plan.

Supported Email Providers: Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365 and custom email accounts via server settings.

Email integration is key to efficiently managing sales and communication in one place — Freshsales. Connect yours today! Refer to our Email Knowledge Base for tutorials and support articles.

We hope this upgrade makes your email game easier. Please leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Happy Selling!