What’s New in Freshsales: 2-Way Email Sync, Notifications, Zapier Integration and more…

It’s been two months since the launch of Freshsales, and we’re receiving an overwhelming response worldwide! The entire team is super excited and all geared up to work harder, delivering feature updates and enhancements to make Freshsales even better. As a practice, we’ll be regularly posting product updates, new features lists and the improvements we’re making in Freshsales.

Today, we’re announcing our first set of product updates, and here’s what we’ve in store in this series:

Quick search made more relevant and faster

Search New

The search functionality in Freshsales is now more accurate and user friendly. For instance, if you want to search for a particular contact, then just select Contacts from the Search drop down and type in the keywords.

You can also use keyboard navigation such as arrow keys to move up and down the search results, and enter key to view a record’s details page.

2-Way email sync


We received a lot of request to sync the sent folder between Freshsales and the email client. We heard you and it’s finally here!

If you’ve connected your email to Freshsales, you can send emails from either Freshsales or your email client, and still find those emails in the Sent folder of both the apps.

Export CRM data


Export your leads, contacts, accounts and deals data in a CSV file. If you’re an account admin, head over to Admin > Account to request for an export of your Freshsales data and we’ll send it to you via email.

Of course, we’re working on making the export functionality more intuitive and we’ll keep you updated over the coming months.

Email notification for leads assignment and transfer


Enable notifications to receive emails, listing the leads, contacts, accounts and deals assigned to you, or transferred from you to a teammate.

For instance, if you’re on a three-week vacation and your manager transfers your deals to a fellow colleague, you’ll receive an email notifying you exactly which records has been transferred. Head over to your Profile Settings > Alerts and Reminders to enable the notifications.

Filter with relative dates and easily manage custom views


The Views drop down is categorized into My Custom Views, Default Views and Shared Custom Views, making it easy to find a desired view without scanning through the whole list.

And with the dynamic date ranges in filters (also applicable while creating reports), you don’t have to create multiple views anymore. Less Work = More Sales!

Zapier integration to connect Freshsales with other apps

Connect and sync data between Freshsales and other apps such as MailChimp, Xero, Freshdesk, Google Sheet and a lot more via Zapier. Access the Freshsales Zap, and use it either as triggers or actions to connect with apps and automate workflows.

Quick actions from list view


Quickly access the most frequent actions performed on a record such as sending emails, creating appointments, editing, delete and much more, right from the list view. The quick actions list is available in the Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Deals list view.

There’s a lot more…

    1. ‘Leads and Converted Leads’ Reports: Generate reports that will include data from the Leads module as well as the converted leads data. ‘Leads’ report will now include data only from the ‘Leads’ module.
    2. Link conversations to leads: Choose to link a particular email conversation with a lead or contact right from the compose window.
    3. Update on Lead Score algorithm: On adding or editing a lead score property, the score recalculates only for the new leads and the ones that are modified, rather than updating the score for all the leads in Freshsales. This helps to further enhance the performance of your CRM.
    4. More currency support: We’ve included more currencies for deal values, enabling you to personalize Freshsales for your business. The currency list is sorted alphabetically, making it easy to choose your desired currency. Head over to Admin > CRM Settings to change your currency.
    5. Australia toll-free numbers: Purchase toll-free numbers of Australia and have your customers call you for free. Go over to Admin > Phone Settings > Buy Number.

That’s all for this product updates. Watch this space for more product updates and new features list, and if you’ve any request for features you want to see in Freshsales, drop an email to us at support@freshsales.io

Happy Selling!

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