Introducing Freshsales Report Dashboards!

If you’re a sales manager, there are certain questions that are probably always on your mind. How much did we sell this month? Which territory is most of this coming from? Are my reps closing fast enough? Are we generating and converting enough leads?

We at Freshsales know that these are very important questions. And we believe that the answers are already present in your sales CRM data. Our custom reports provided the first step towards finding these answers. Now, we have introduced report dashboards—to enable sales managers to view multiple insights in a single screen and make data-driven sales decisions! Sales managers can now use these dashboards to get a consolidated view of the important trends and metrics, and be completely informed about the health of their business.

I have created a few reports that I monitor daily. Can I view all of them in a single dashboard?

Yes! You can create a new dashboard and add your existing custom reports to it.

  • Hit the Create Dashboard button
  • Enter the name and set privacy as Only me or Everyone, based on your requirement
  • Hit “Add new report” and select the custom report and metric that you want to display


I haven’t created any reports. How do I get started with dashboards?

We’ve provided two out-of-the-box dashboards that you can start using immediately:

  1. The Sales Dashboard gives you an overall picture of :
    1. Win rate and Amounts booked per territory
    2. Sales cycle and velocity of your team
    3. Sales trends
    4. Sales forecast
  2. The Lead Generation Dashboard gives important lead information like:
    1. Lead generation and conversion trends
    2. Lead conversion split by territory, source and salespeople
    3. Lead velocity
    4. KPIs like Conversion rate, Untouched leads, etc


Can I customize my dashboards?

Yes! We understand that each sales team has different needs and processes. This is why our reports were made completely customizable. We have leveraged this flexibility by building our dashboards on top of these custom reports.

Let’s take the first chart in the Sales Dashboard as an example: Deal conversion this month. This chart shows you deal conversion split by territory. But you might want to see this data split by sales reps in your team instead. You can go to the original report, change the chart axis from “Territory” to “Owner”, and the change will automatically be reflected in the dashboard as well. You can also choose to display a different metric if you wish.


Can I share a dashboard?

Yes! There are 3 ways to share a dashboard:

  • Share with your team: When you create or edit a dashboard, you can set the visibility of the dashboard to “Everyone”—this makes it accessible by all your colleagues.
  • Schedule: If you want to share your dashboard periodically with only a few people, you can schedule it and select the relevant users. These users will get a periodic mail with the PDF of the dashboard attached.
  • Export as PDF: If you want to share it just once with a few people, then you can export the dashboard as a PDF. This exported file will be mailed to you, and you can send it to your team.


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Applicable plans: This feature is available in the Estate and Forest Pricing Plan.

Knowledge base: How to create a new reports dashboard?

Happy Selling!