Now Add Multiple Email Addresses for Leads and Contacts

Do your customers wear multiple hats in their companies?

Let’s say you’re selling to Jane from Widgetz. You build your relationship with her by emailing When she finally makes the decision to buy, she wants you to send emails to too, since she handles purchases for her startup as well.

If this sounds familiar, then our new feature is tailor-made for you! We now support up to 10 emails addresses for each lead and contact in Freshsales.

How do I create a lead with multiple email addresses?

If you know all the email addresses right away, you can directly add them while creating the lead. All correspondence from all emails will be present in the lead page so you can get  360° context about the lead.

Multiple email addresses
On the other hand, if and exist as two different leads in your CRM, you can merge the two and have a single, context-rich lead, without losing any of your historical information.

But what if I have to set up a sales campaign or workflow to email these leads? Will I be sending the same email(s) to multiple addresses?

The short answer is NO.

The slightly longer answer is that you can mark an email address as “primary”, and that will be the only one considered during bulk emailing, or automations. You can change the primary email whenever you want.

Leave your feedback in the comments. Happy selling!

Applicable plans: This feature is available from the Garden pricing plan onwards.

Knowledge base: How do I add multiple email addresses to a Lead or Contact?

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