An early customer wrote a harsh review of Freshsales. Here’s our response…

Having been in the business of Customer support for so many years, we know that the opposite of Customer Love is not Hate, it’s indifference.

So recently when one of our customers, Pardner Wynn, wrote a harsh and critical blog about Freshsales, describing the CRM as “hazardous”, we decided to respect the feedback and act on it constructively.

Here is our response-

Mr. Wynn highlighted two aspects of the CRM to explain his stand:

  1. The inability to add opt-out links in bulk emails
  2. Having voicemail messages as text-to-speech only (without recording capability)

Both were valid asks. And we’ve now built these features into Freshsales.

But when we didn’t have them, we weren’t jeopardizing our customers.

I’ll explain why.

Opt-out links and CAN-SPAM

What Mr. Wynn said:

“Using it in the USA for business email seems to me like a huge CAN-SPAM fine just waiting to happen… there is no opt-out URL capability eg, no built-in support for inserting a URL into outgoing email that allows the recipient to opt-out of future emails from your FreshSales account.”

Our take:

Just to be sure about CAN-SPAM, the law states that you need to include an option for opt-out. The option doesn’t only have to be a link—it can be any clear message that allows recipients to opt out. Our customers use the ‘reply to unsubscribe’ line in their emails, which is a pretty clear indicator of recipient preference. Also, our customers haven’t reported any instance of a recipient not seeing this line (filtered out by a spam blocker). But we also understood that it was easy for recipients to click on a link to unsubscribe.

This is a case for better user experience, and we certainly didn’t want to miss out on that front. So our product team built this solution into Freshsales:


Now, when a customer sends bulk emails from the CRM, Freshsales automatically excludes the opted-out recipient. While drafting an individual email, if a customer mistakenly adds the opted-out recipient, the customer is warned by an instant notification.

Voicemail recordings vs. text-to-speech

What Mr. Wynn said:

“Inbound phone call voicemail greetings are Text-to-Speech, worse than some cheap answering machine… Twilio makes it trivially simple to use a greeting that is a recording instead of text-to-speech. ”

Our take:

Freshsales is a young product, and we want to have the essentials in place before including all the bells and whistles.

Text-to-speech was the first step towards helping our customers create voicemail messages. Recording greetings and uploading recorded files are definitely good features to have; both features were on our immediate roadmap.

We decided to fast-track their development, also because we now support 12 additional languages in Freshsales. Recording greetings is better than text-to-speech when multiple languages are involved, so the voicemail screen now looks like this:

Mr. Wynn also wrote that voicemail messages shorter than 5 seconds were getting discarded. We can confirm this is not the case.

Voicemail recording sample 1

Voicemail recording sample 2


I want to take a minute and look back on why we built Freshsales. We were grappling with a clunky CRM and 5 other tools, and we felt there had to be a better way to do this. So we built Freshsales—with our expectations of how we wanted a CRM to be, and with the belief that businesses out there deserve better.

The fact that we have a large team dogfooding Freshsales helps us identify customer pain points quicker because we experience them first-hand.

We also understand that our customers express themselves in unique ways. At Freshsales we prefer to focus on the intent of the message. When it’s constructive feedback from passionate customers, we don’t think twice about taking it. So keep it coming Mr. Wynn.

In fact Mr. Wynn likes Freshdesk (the flagship product from the Freshworks stable of business software), and by extension, he wishes the best for Freshsales.

This blog is our way of assuring him, and you—that your business is safe with Freshsales.