Introducing new ways to customize Freshsales

For businesses with growing sales teams, having the flexibility to customize Freshsales can help get their job done more efficiently and effectively.

Today we’re releasing new customization features, so you can

  • add custom fields,
  • mark fields required or read-only,
  • edit your form view (quick add),
  • rename default fields,
  • create groups and subgroups,
  • see a preview of your form,
  • view all field properties, and
  • customize page view by reordering fields.

Watch the video to see it in action.

Create custom fields

Freshsales comes with several default fields for easy use, but there are times when you have more to add. Creating custom fields come in handy when you have to record sales discovery notes like customer’s budget, problem areas, etc. So, you don’t have to limit your customer data. Document just about anything important for your business.

 Create custom fields

You can choose any field type for your custom fields. Be it alternate email address (text field), sign-up date (date pickers) or interested products (checklist) and more.

Applicable plans: Blossom, Garden, Estate, Forest plans.
Knowledge base: How to create custom fields?

Quick add

For your business, maybe only 5 out of 20 fields really matter when you add a new lead. The remaining fifteen fields only clog the form, and take up time. You want to see just the five fields and no more to quickly get through the form, and jumpstart your sales.

Mark your field “Show this field in quick add”, and you prioritize this field to appear in the “View less” window along with required fields. This customization gives a clear path to quickly fill in details.


Applicable plans: All plans
Knowledge base: How to quick add fields?

Mark fields required

Some information are key for each business, whether to connect with customers or even for your own analysis. In a form with several fields, it is possible for these fields to be overlooked.

For your business, lead’s email address could be key for follow-up and business emails to stay in touch. Now, if half your team forgot to fill this, you’ll probably have a hard time reaching out to potential customers.

You can ensure your team doesn’t forget to fill your key fields by marking them required. Identify required fields from the “*” next to the field name.

Applicable plans: Garden and Estate
Knowledge base: How to mark fields required?

Mark fields read-only

You want certain data to be available to users for reference, but you want to lock it from editing. What can you do? You mark that field as read-only.

You may import customer account information to Freshsales for reference but want to lock the data to avoid any overwriting. Now, you create a field in your form and mark it as read-only. Data imported in this field will be automatically locked for all users.

Freshsales SMART fields like last contacted are by default read-only fields.

Applicable plans: Estate
Knowledge base: How to mark fields read-only?

Rename default fields

Certain fields are available by default in each module. Like in Leads, First Name, Last Name, Email are a few default field labels that are standard to most users. But, Company Name may not be suitable for some folks. In this case, you can rename it to relate to your business. It could be Restaurants, Hospitals, Merchants, or even consumer names for B2C folks.

Also, you can rename default fields to how they’re addressed in your region for user relatability. For example, Mobile. If you’re in the US, you may say cell phone, if in Europe mobile phone, and when in Rome cellulare.

So, rename any of the existing fields to anything you want to. Yes, literally anything. No, wait. Rename default fields suitably. Here’s why.

Company Name in the lead form is mapped to Name in Account, and created as an account. Now, when you rename Company Name to something unrelated, it may make you wonder why there’s an account named “Cat” in your CRM. Because, somebody thought it’d be fun to replace Company Name with Favorite Pet (Really?). Field mapping in the default field will help you know where data goes within Freshsales.

Applicable plans: Estate
Knowledge base: How to edit fields?

Create groups and subgroups

You may create several custom fields for your presales team to document customer discovery. There’s budget, priorities, challenges, interested products, etc. It’s given that you want to keep these related fields together in your form, preferably in a group and call it Presales Info.

Organize your form by bringing fields together as groups and subgroups. Group fields together so you can speed access information without having scroll up or down your form in search of related data.

Create groups

Applicable plans: Estate
Knowledge base: How to create groups and subgroups?

Preview form

So you’ve customized your form to suit your business. But, how does your form look? We saved time for your imagination skills here. Just click Preview in the upper right corner, and take a quick scan of your form layout and content.

Preview form

Applicable plans: All plans

View field properties

Some fields are required, read-only, quick add, mapped, or unmapped. Now how can you get a quick glance at all field properties? Through tags. When a field has any of the aforementioned properties, the respective tag is added against the field in the primary window.

Field tags act as a guide to verify if you’ve given the right property to the right fields, and also for mapping check.

Field properties

Customize page view

You can customize lead, contact, account and deal page layout by reordering important fields in a top-down approach from Admin settings (shown below).

Admin settings

Admin setting preferences for each module is reflected in the page view.

Customize page view

With Freshsales, your sales teams can capture, understand and execute your business processes and best practices much easier.

We really hope you like this upgrade of the product. Any feedback is more than welcome 🙂

Happy Selling!

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