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Lead generation is a key step in any sales process. You can generate leads from third party data imports, website signups, cold emails or calls, social media pages, events etc.

Like in most cases, quality and not the quantity of leads matter the most for high conversion rate. Website sign ups provide high quality leads as the leads voluntarily leave their details on your website.

Thus, to automatically capture leads from your website, we are excited to announce the launch of our new feature Web forms.

Web forms generate qualified leads or contacts by capturing your website signups directly in Freshsales. All this, without a single line of code.

You can achieve this in two ways –

Create a new form for your website sign ups using our CLASSIC FORMS
Integrate your existing form with Freshsales using SMART FORMS

We had talked about Smart forms a while back. Lets deep dive into how you can create a new web form from scratch in no time.

Build your web form in few clicks

Freshsales provides you a simple form builder to create a web form. Simply,

Choose whether you want to generate leads or contacts based on your sales process and start adding fields to the form. You can also automatically create a deal with the contact.
Customize the theme of your form based on your website’s design
Keep the visitor engaged by redirecting to another page or provide a simple Thank you message after form submit
Notify any email address whenever the form is submitted
Reflect any form changes on your live form in real time

Use in multiple channels

You can generate leads from multiple channels using these forms. Publish on website, send as survey link in email campaign or use as quick form for trade shows and events.

Avoid duplicates, Enrich existing data

Biggest issue with lead generation is managing duplicates. A lead might meet you and get added from an event and the same lead might later sign up on your website. To manage duplicates, we allow you to update existing information if an existing leads signs up.

You can also send survey links or webinar registration to existing leads to enrich existing information.

Mark important fields as required

We understand there are certain information such as email or mobile that are important for further communication with the lead. We allow you to mark the fields on the form as mandatory to not miss such information about the leads.

Pass default information as hidden

Details such as UTM parameters such as medium, keyword and campaign or, owner or pipeline assignment directly during form submit. You can mark any field as hidden and pass a default value for every lead or contact created.

Do more

By default, we populate the source (as web form) and web form name with every record created through web forms. You can use this information to –

Filter and segment your leads by web form names 

  • Assign leads to your sales agents in round robin order using territories
  • Run targeted sales campaigns for leads generated from specific forms
  • Automate alerts and follow ups for assigned sales agent using workflow
  • Qualify as warm lead by increasing lead score based on source

Let us know your feedback about this feature in the comment below!

Applicable plans: This feature is available in All Plans.

Knowledge Base: How to setup web forms in Freshsales?

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