Why Freshsales?

Stop juggling multiple tools

In-built phone and email sync, lead scoring, event tracking and reporting, all in a hassle-free package.

360° Customer View

View customers’ social profiles, identify customer touchpoints, lead scores, recent conversations all—from a single screen.

Automate with workflows

Create intelligent workflow that operate like clockwork, and find more time for activities that actually move the needle.

Your sales CRM, fully featured

Lead Scoring

Know which sales lead is hot and who’s not, using lead scores. Prioritize follow-ups with data-backed insights.

Visual Sales Pipeline

With a single sweep of the eye, locate deals in each stage of your pipeline. Sort and filter deals to get a better view of your pipeline.

Website and in-app tracking

When your visitors make key decisions on your website and with your product, never miss a beat with real-time analytics from your sales CRM.

Smart Reporting

Get comprehensive visual reporting for smarter, informed decisions. Customize default reports, understand your sales results and grow your revenue.

Mobile CRM

Make more sales on the go. Access all your customer data at your fingertips with the Freshsales mobile app

Seamless Integrations

Get the most out of your CRM experience with a host of powerful and seamless integrations.

Top-rated CRM Software

Over 10000 happy customers use our sales CRM