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a&s Adria—safety and security leader

a&s Adria (automation & security) is a professional publication in the field of safety and security for the Adriatic region (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia).

The company is the leading global media service provider about safety and security. By synergy of publications, online portals, organization of trade fairs and presentations such as the Adria Security Summit and Sarajevo Business Forum, a&s Adria specializes in linking users and manufacturers of security products.

Tarik Rovčanin of a&s Adria told us how he and his teammates effectively streamlined their marketing process using Freshsales, and improved multiple aspects of everyday business.

Challenges with Access database

a&s Adria serves both businesses and consumers, and is tasked with managing a large customer database that only grows with every new event.

For over a decade the company managed client information—personal details, magazine subscriptions, etc. in an Access database. Although the tool provided a repository for client data, it did not add value to business, and proved difficult to maintain across the company.

The biggest disadvantage with Access was simply access itself. One—it doesn’t allow multiple people to enter data into the database, and two—it’s not a cloud application, which means it can’t be accessed via the internet.

Such limitations interfered with their collaboration, and restricted users across the globe to manage company records from anywhere.

The team decided to move out of the database entirely, and move to one that’s efficient in sales and marketing efforts. Said Tarik:

“Access is not a web application so we couldn’t manage our data remotely. We were looking for a sales CRM tool that will help manage client info, link with our websites, allow reporting across data, and be accessible on our phones.”

Tarik Rovčanin

Marketing and Subscription Manager

a&s Adria

Why Freshsales?

When the team at a&s Adria first experienced Freshsales, they were thrilled at the whole range of features and capabilities that’d advance their former ways of customer management.

We talked to Tarik, and learnt of how introducing the sales CRM to their business helped evolve their sales and marketing practices.

Creating leads with Smartforms

a&s Adria manages two websites for their two large annual events where interested participants sign up through a web registration form. Every year it gathers over a thousand participants for each event. Some first-time participants and some frequent attendees.

“People signing up for our events on either website had to be captured—create new and update old. We also needed to record the participating event of a lead so we can create unique lists for email purposes. With Smartforms we were able to capture roughly 1200 new leads with form information!”

The capability to integrate web forms with Freshsales to automatically capture every sign up as a new lead made a world of difference to the team.

Aside from creating leads, Auto-profile enrichment automatically populated leads’ social profiles, photo and website activity.

Replacing the traditional and arduous task of manual entry in their database with Smartforms doubled productivity and enhanced lead management for a&s.

Sending bulk emails with templates

Previously, a&s used Outlook for email communications. Although a good email tool, sending limit of 60 emails per hour drastically delayed their marketing efforts. It isn’t the best choice for bulk emails, especially for a company that reaches out to over a thousand recipients.

Another challenge for the team lay in sending thank you emails to event participants. Outlook proved particularly difficult, or rather impossible to filter contacts based on specific criteria. Once again, this impeded productivity and stole time.

But since they started using Freshsales, bulk emails happen at “lightning speed”.

“Sending emails is a routine activity for our team. Doing it within the CRM makes our lives so much easier. We can filter leads based on custom fields and send bulk emails on personalized templates with minimum effort.”

Sending bulk emails in Freshsales

Another nifty feature that Tarik found advantageous is the option to create leads from emails:

“When you send an email to a new person, Freshsales automatically stores it in your lead list. We didn’t have to do it manually, and we saved a lot of time.”

Analysing data with reports

a&s use reports to measure campaigns, activity and conversions. Reporting was essential to summarize information to get a clear picture of their marketing strategies.

Reports based on certain aspects of an account— say geography, annual revenue, no. of employees, etc. for better understanding of specific business metrics were easy to create in Freshsales.

The Reports Dashboard adds a snapshot of everyday progress and keeps the team motivated to meet their goals:

“I view the count of daily leads in a glance on my Dashboard, and know how we’re performing. The chart gives a consolidated view, and for deeper understanding I dive straight into the report.”

Reports in Freshsales

All-in-one solution

In just four months, a&s has already seen significant boosts. Participant numbers has increased because they no longer miss even a single inbound lead since using Smartforms. Email management has greatly improved productivity and saved time.

To sum it all up:

“Freshsales really sped things for us. We witnessed improvements in outreach, productivity, time and customer growth. This contributed 10% increase in revenue in just four months. As someone who is responsible for emailing and calling clients, Freshsales definitely made my job easier.”