• Inability to establish a good rapport with prospects/ existing students

  • CRM associated with its LMS system came with limited functionality. Primarily acted as a contact management system


  • Simple and intuitive

  • Seamless information storage and accessibility

  • Ability to send bulk emails

  • Sales campaigns used extensively to nurture prospects/current students

Increase in Email Outreach


Increase in Productivity 


Leanne Cooper founded Cadence Health, an international college for nutrition and health coaching, in 1998. She tells us that her institution was among the first to introduce courses in health education and training. “At the time I started out, there were no competitors,” she recalls. As the college began to grow and expand, it started to rely on social media marketing, and print advertising to spread the word among its prospects, and early on employed the use of a learning management system (LMS) to manage student data.

While over the years, Cadence Health did see a phenomenal growth in its business, with expansion into New Zealand as well, around 2012, it noticed that there was a fair amount of competition coming into the market. While the college was nurturing relationships with its students, it just wasn’t enough to hold the fort. Its market share started taking a hit. “We had to connect with not only prospective students, but also  our current students who were enrolled in courses. While they showed interest and reached out to us regularly, they would often say that they didn’t hear from us, simply because we didn’t have a process in place to manage the load,” she explains. For example, its primary mode of communication was through a quarterly newsletter.

In fact, although its LMS came with a CRM, it was limited in functionality. For instance, the college has 20,000+ students in its database, but its CRM only allowed for 5,000 emails to be sent at one go, which meant the team had to send emails in batches. “Plus, we had to manually type out emails to our students,” she says, further explaining that, “The CRM primarily acted as a contact management platform with no facility to create campaigns, send bulk emails, or perform any sales-oriented activities.”

The key was to stand out among competitors by getting closer to its customers. Hence arose the need to search for a better CRM.

Partnering with Freshsales

Cadence Health was looking for a CRM that is intuitive, and can help the company engage better with its customers. During its search, one other CRM it evaluated along with Freshsales, was Infusionsoft. “Think about it this way. When you are shopping for a dress, when there’s no price tag on it, instantly you wonder if it’s well out of your price range. It’s the same for a CRM. If they don’t have a pricing page, then likely if they are a huge organization, they are cut out for high-paying customers,” she opines, and adds, “I like to see open pricing, it gives me confidence in the product, and Freshsales CRM did that. What also attracted me was, there were a lot of unbiased reviews online for the CRM.”

“Freshsales saves us a lot of time! We are able to reach out to more people, connect with them better, and even become more efficient as a team, internally.”

Leanne Cooper

Founder & Director

Cadence College of Nutrition and Health Coaching

Most Used Features

Web Forms & Emails: The company has a number of lead forms set up, to gather general and course-related enquiries. This is one of the primary sources through which it gets leads into the CRM.

“When it comes to emails, we create extensive emails into Freshsales, so that we have context depth and connection into our engagements,” she adds.

Sales Campaigns: “The campaigns feature stands out in the CRM. We now have campaigns planned for the next 12 months, based on the initiatives we have planned for the year. We can customize our campaigns based on the season, the kind of audience we are targeting, and more. This is something we were not able to do before,” she shares.

Notes & Task Reminders: The team uses this feature extensively. As and when it converses with students or other prospects over the phone, the team notes down relevant points in the notes tab. “This helps us to be sensitive about what’s happening with each prospect/student, and we can always refer to the old information to set context for future conversations,” she explains.

As far as reminders go, the team sets internal reminders to complete tasks/ perform any follow-up actions.

“The CRM is literally our major point of focus throughout the day. All of us are on the system, the information is seamless, relevant and up-to-date.”

Leanne Cooper

Founder & Director

Cadence College of Nutrition & Health Coaching

The Way Forward

Cadence Health has two main goals set for 2019. One, is to foray into the US market. “We are looking to form some strategic partnerships in the region. We have a few in the pipeline that we’re nurturing currently,” she shares.

Its second goal is to develop an internal LMS and integrate it with Freshsales. “We’re building an LMS which will be more secure and transparent. One of the challenges we faced, was that we were using multiple software for our business and they weren’t connected to each other,” she says. For example, its current LMS, Freshsales CRM and its website were present in silos, and the students can either apply through the website or they can enroll via its LMS. But, they are completely different systems. “Once we integrate the three, it will create a more seamless experience. The CRM will act as a middle ground in all this, collecting information from both platforms. Something we can use to build deeper relationships with our student database,” she highlights, on an ending note.