• Prior legacy customer service system was cumbersome

  • Lack of integrated suite of cloud-solutions to streamline business process


  • Freshworks’ products are integrated and seamless across channels
  • Freshsales helps drive more outbound sales and save at-risk customers

  • Freshdesk is an intuitive, transparent, and flexible ticketing system No 
  • Freshchat helps engage more proactively with customers for conversion and support queries

Freshsales Customer Engagement Per Day


Freshdesk Tickets Per day 


Freshchat Customer Queries Per Day 


As you browse through Progressive Direct’s website, one value proposition that is bound to strike you is that the company candidly admits that it isn’t the right fit for you (as a customer) if you’re looking to buy insurance through call centers. ‘But, we do make sense if you’re an online consumer’, it says.

One could say this value proposition rings across the company’s business process, be it in the way it manages its customers, or in the way the business is run internally. “With Freshworks’ cloud-based solutions, as long as I have a smartphone and internet connection, I can monitor how my teams are performing and even complete my own tasks. This remote tracking also helps me access human resources at low-cost and create transparency in the system,” opines Simon Lindsay, Managing Director, Progressive Direct.

Kick-started in 2009, Progressive Direct is an Australia-based low-cost insurer for Australian motorists. A unique selling point for the company is that it strives to be a low-cost alternative, and enables customers to buy and administer their policy entirely online. In other words, instead of managing piles of physical paperwork and documents, customers can access and manage all related documents and information on their online car insurance account.

The integration with Freshworks

Prior to finding its footing in Australia, Progressive Direct was part of a larger US-based parent company, Progressive Corp, one of the largest providers of car insurance in the region. After a management buyout in April 2017, the company teamed up with a group of companies, including Hollard Insurance Company, to branch out on its own. “This was our opportunity to move away from the legacy customer service system and adopt an integrated cloud-based solution which would be innovative, drive more efficiency, and help us become leaner as an organization,” recalls Simon.

On the customer service front, for the team, it was a tie between Freshdesk and Zendesk. “If my memory serves me right, we went with Freshdesk because the solution was more integrated compared to the latter,” he adds. Simon found Freshdesk to be more intuitive, flexible, and transparent. “It gives us the ability to measure and view things from a management perspective,” he notes.

Adopting an all-in-one cloud-based solution being the larger goal, signing up for a CRM and chat software was the natural next step. Given that both are part of the Freshworks’ suite of products, it didn’t set the company on a search for an ideal software to manage its customer acquisition, conversion, and retention process. Instead, it signed up for Freshsales and Freshchat. “The intuitive integration of key CRM functions in one solution makes it easy for a small-medium business like ours to start using the CRM from day one,” says Simon. Talking about Freshchat, he indicates that the chat software contributes in equal amounts for sales and service support. “It helps us engage more proactively with our customers; be it prospects or existing customers who need support guidance,” he says.

“The immediate benefits we saw from deploying the Freshworks suite of products was that it helped each team member contribute more effectively, helped streamline processes, and helped the company access resources at a low cost while also ensuring transparency across the board.”

Simon Lindsay

Managing Director

Progressive Direct Insurance

How Progressive Direct Uses Freshworks

Simply put, the company uses Freshdesk as a customer enquiry ticketing system, Freshsales as a platform for managing outbound sales and saving at-risk customers who are likely to churn, and Freshchat for sales and support.

Coming to the subject of how the sales process currently works at the company, Simon goes on to explain that there are multiple sources through which leads come into Freshsales. “For example, we use Freshchat as a platform to actively engage with our prospects who come with queries, and try to engage with them to increase our chance of a conversion right there,” he says. Once the prospect comes in, aside from the data collated within the CRM, the company, through an integration, culls the prospect’s profile and other relevant data from its internal system to identify and target high-value prospects. In fact, it also uses lead scoring to segment and target high value prospects. “Lead scoring is very valuable for us. It helps us classify and focus on customers who are more likely to convert. For example, we score leads based on the pages in the website they visited, the emails they opened, and more. This helps us gauge their interests and behaviour and go after them based on such triggers,” explains Simon.

The bulk email feature is also something his team finds useful. “I’m a big fan of email templates and bulk emails. With inbound prospects, we set up workflows to send targeted bulk emails, and follow it up with outbound calls to get in touch with them and convert them,” he explains.

In fact, the outbound strategy is also used to retain existing, at-risk customers “We have a live API that feeds the system and team with the profile and details of at-risk customers, and we employ outbound tactics such as email follow-ups and calls to retain them,” he says.

“Combining Freshsales with the company’s customer retention team at Manila has helped Progressive Direct retain over 15% of at-risk customers it identifies.”

Simon Lindsay

Managing Director

Progressive Direct Insurance

If an existing customer comes back with a query or raises an issue, it gets added as a ticket in Freshdesk and Freshsales. Alternatively, customers can also address their queries on chat. “Importantly for us, once a customer or prospect is in our freshworks system, we can track their interaction history to have a better understanding of the context as we initiate the current interaction. We can also convert a valuable chat prospect into a freshsales lead assign a conversion follow up action.”

Today, Progressive Direct uses the Freshworks suite of products for its teams across Melbourne and Manila. “Freshworks has helped us drive more profitability by enabling us to create an effective business process which not only helps us identify relevant prospects, but also drive higher conversions and retention,” shares Simon, on an ending note.