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                                               One click to call

Are you juggling between a phone and CRM to call your customers? Start making calls from within your sales CRM, using our built-in phone powered by Freshcaller. One click to set up, one click to call—No setup charges, no wasted time on juggling between your phone and CRM, and no more manual data entry.

There’s more. You pay only for minutes on call and not for added features like automatic call logging and recording. Manage calls effortlessly with our transparent pricing and call rates and stop worrying about hidden costs.

View call rates

Assign numbers to your team

Make it easy and inexpensive for your customers to call you. Purchase local and toll-free numbers for any country and state. Assign the numbers to your sales reps or territories so they can start talking to prospects right away using the built-in phone powered by Freshcaller.

Always engage in contextual conversations

The Freshcaller widget’s Recent Activities feature gives you full context to start the conversation right from where you left it last time. You can save the prospect from having to repeat their previous conversations by referring to the call logs, call notes and call recordings. And all these features can be accessed right from within the Freshcaller widget inside Freshsales.

Get the entire customer interaction history

With the Freshcaller widget, view all your phone conversations in your sales CRM. Make a call, add notes, schedule tasks, make appointments, and add anonymous phone numbers as a new lead or contact in Freshsales.

Analyze vital call center metrics

Track and analyze all the key metrics reflecting the entire lifetime of your sales calls. Admins can easily assess the performance of agents, your business processes, customer interactions at every stage of the call, and optimize them.

Personalize welcome and voicemail messages

Let your personalized voicemail set the tone for your interaction. Record voicemail messages inside the sales CRM, or upload a pre-recorded greeting. You can also type your welcome message and let Freshsales convert it to audio, using the text-to-speech functionality.

Manually log calls

While Freshcaller automatically logs calls, what about calls you receive outside the CRM? Explore our manual call logging feature. When you receive a call on your personal number, you can log it in Freshsales, map it to an existing lead/create a new lead, and add notes about the call.

                  Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Call transfer

Hand over your call with full context to colleagues in real time. Not sure whom to pick? Transfer to a territory.

After Call Work

Utilize the After Call Work feature to ensure your agents are meticulous with their work and always stay productive.

Call history

Call back, add notes, schedule tasks and appointments from your call log history.

Call masking

Protect the identity of callers with temporary numbers using call masking for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Record calls

Follow up conversations by listening to audio recording of your previous phone calls.

Smart fields

Segment prospects using smart fields such as "last contacted" and "last seen" date.