Renaming Modules: Freshsales Now Talks your Business Language

With the adoption of SaaS tools in business crossing 50%, it is important that all these tools bring uniformity to your business processes. The tools you use should adapt to the nomenclature that’s relevant to your business, rather than you adapting to the tool’s language.

For example, if you’re in the education and learning space, a new lead for you will be an “applicant” or a “student”’ and not just a “lead”. And an account will be the course that you offer.

Now Freshsales can speak the language of your business!

Rename Modules

You can now rename the core modules of Freshsales—Lead, Contact, Account and Deal—based on your business. This can be done by the Admin and it’ll reflect for all the team members who’re using Freshsales.

When you rename a module, the module still works the same—only its name changes. The new name will reflect across Freshsales: left navigation names, views, imports, field names, placeholders, reports and dashboards, etc.

However, the Admin Settings page will continue to show the original names so the Admin can identify the modules correctly.

Check out this feature and let us know how Freshsales can bring in a more personalized experience for your business.

Happy Selling!

Available Plans: This feature is available from the Estate Pricing Plan.

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