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  • Spreadsheets were cumbersome

  • Salesforce is expensive and complicated, Pipedrive is incomplete, and Streak CRM is not built for scaling companies

How Freshsales Helped:
  • Sales team can manage entire sales process within Freshsales

  • Comes with integrated dialer

  • Enables sales teams to scale messaging, scale content, and scale cold outreaches

  • Freshsales integrated with Freshchat, Freshcaller, Freshdesk and Freshconnect


Increase in conversion rate


Avg. increase in MRR


Return on inbound email campaigns


Return on outbound calls

There is a pertinent story behind how Curacubby pivoted to an education technology company in 2016. Four years earlier, its founder, Steven Khuong, and a few parents came together to help found a pre-school which provided holistic education to children with special needs. “It came from an intimate place. My son was diagnosed with autism at an early age. We wanted to build something special for him, so a few families got together and we founded the pre-school out of a Church,” recalls Khuong. 

As their program expanded, Khuong observed that although schools in the US generate roughly USD 200 billion in payment volume, the payment process was still managed through legacy methods such as cheque and cash.Taking a stance that their school will focus on teaching, not bookkeeping, in 2016, Khuong, along with his friends and fellow parents, Brian Meckler and Ross Lugos began building an automated and secure online payment, registration and recordkeeping system for schools. “The core value proposition of CuraCubby is to automate the billing process and provide our customers mobile payment solutions,” adds Khuong. 

Today, the company is backed by notable investors such as MHS Capital and 500 Startups after graduating from Envestnet | Yodlee Incubator. “Our ambition is to go nationwide in the next 8 to 12 months,” notes Khuong. 

Why CuraCubby Needed a CRM 

“Prior to using a CRM, we were doing sales the old-fashioned way. It involved looking up records and inputting that record into a database (a glorified spreadsheet so to speak),” recalls Khuong. 

He tells us that he looked at every CRM out there, from CRM for SMBs to CRMs being used by Fortune 500 companies and realized that a mid-market solution really doesn’t exist. CuraCubby was looking for a CRM that would help the company as it scales. 

“If you look at Salesforce, they have a scaled-down version of Salesforce for SMBs, but that doesn't really help because we still need people with knowledge of running queries and a systems administrator to work on it. On the other side of the spectrum are very lightweight CRMs like Pipedrive, which is not complete, and Streak, which is a strong CRM for what it's worth, but you can't really scale a company with those kind of products. Those CRMs are suitable for end-to-end usage, but not for a growing company.”

Steven Khuong

Cofounder and CEO


Discovering Freshsales 

The company had three key criteria in place for an ideal CRM; it should have an integrated dialer, it should eliminate dependance on multiple external applications, and it should enable sales teams to scale messaging, scale content, and scale cold outreaches. 

“As I was investigating the Freshworks suite of products, I noticed that I can have my entire sales team work with one software, and that I can integrate my CRM with a support software. That was an eye-opener! Today, the value that Freshsales delivers has won the faith of every employee in the company.”

Today, CuraCubby uses a suite of Freshworks products, all integrated with Freshsales CRM; the chatbot, Freshchat, the phone software, Freshcaller, the support software, Freshdesk, and collaboration software, Freshconnect. 

How Curacubby Uses Freshsales

 Once the prospects are added as leads into Freshsales, the sales development representatives (SDRs) at the company initiate outbound campaigns that typically happen through phone and email. If the team makes a connection through either route, they book an appointment with the lead. “At this stage, the lead gets converted into a contact and the Account Executive (AE) comes in to engage with him/her. Our AEs use the task manager and deal stages extensively to adopt a step-by-step approach to close a deal,” adds Khuong. Once the contract is signed with the contact and he/she becomes a customer, then comes the nurture part. “For each contact, we have a status bar which indicates the engagement status with our customers. Green indicates highly engaged customers, yellow indicates customers who are in the process of being onboarded but need tighter engagement, and red indicates customers we need to reach out to on priority and create higher engagement with,” he explains.

Most Used Features

Integrated Dialer: The leads are bulk uploaded into Freshsales, tagged and assigned to respective sales representatives to have them initiate the engagement process. Khuong tells us that the feature is very imminent for the sales teams at CuraCubby. “We just don’t know how to have the sales team up and running without the dialer,” he says. 

“Imagine going through this process with Salesforce, which requires a big budget and an administrator, or any other CRM. It would be impossible. Right now, it’s as simple as having a flat file, bulk uploading the data, tagging, creating a filter view, saving each filter view per sales representative, and assigning the leads to them per day.”

Workflow Automations: When a lead comes in through its website, the lead data is automatically captured in Freshsales and created as a contact, using workflows. Then, a lead score is associated with it, and if the lead books an appointment through Calendly, the respective sales representative is notified of that. 

Custom APIs and Marketplace Apps: CuraCubby currently uses three marketplace apps - Calendly, Google Suite, and GetAccept. 

“I really like the openness of the APIs,” notes Khuong, adding that the team at CuraCubby has also created custom APIs around sales analytics. “The custom app pipes all data from the flat file, so we can share it across various departments. From there, each department can build specific dashboards that are relevant to them, and we put it back into Google Data Studio to visualize it,” he explains. 

Talking about the impact the CRM has had on his venture, Khuong tells us that Freshsales has helped the team become more efficient, and identify new ways to attack the market. It has also saved a lot of time. 

“We are only scratching the surface of opportunity. Every day I learn a new hack in Freshsales. This CRM isn’t traditional. It’s an organic tool that can perform many things. In fact, I contact your support team often and learn everything about Freshsales. If there are limitations they find ways to work around those limitations. Or, if there's a proposal for solutions that cannot be done natively inside Freshsales, I can export that data to one of the API Partners, reconfigure the data, pipe it back into Freshsales, and still achieve my objective.”