Freshsales-Freshcaller Integration: Build This Friendship for Better Sales Calls

92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.

That explains why sales calls are an important part of your sales process, whether you practice inbound or outbound sales for your business. Starting from discovery to closing, a phone call is the most efficient way for salespersons to connect with prospects. Phone conversations help you build the basis of your customer relationships, and are crucial to nurturing your leads down the sales funnel.

Earlier, salespersons used desk phones for sales calls. The typical call process involved searching for the prospect’s number and manually dialing to connect with them. It was a time-consuming and somewhat inefficient process which made it difficult for salespersons to make more sales calls.

But, things changed.

The old-fashioned phone calling went through a major facelift with the invention of VoIP technology. It superseded the conventional phone system in several ways—cost, mobility, flexibility, installation, scalability, and more. With the help of VoIP systems, salespersons are able to connect with an average of 48% more prospects every day.

Why bring phone and CRM together?

Phone calls are just one of the many tasks done by a salesperson amidst managing your customers, sending emails, monitoring deals, tracking metrics, and more. At the heart of all these tasks is your CRM, where it all comes together. And that’s where your phone call data should reside too. With all the information available in the same place, you can improve your productivity by eliminating the need to switch between tools.

So, stop juggling multiple tools, and bring your CRM and phone together. From calling contacts in one-click to analyzing your call performance, having a CRM system with phone functionality empowers you to dial more numbers the smart way.

In this post, we’ll talk about why you should connect your Freshsales account with our built-in phone powered by Freshcaller, and why you should break up with a third-party phone tool.

What’s Freshcaller?

Freshcaller is an easy-to-use phone system from the Freshworks suite of products. The smart and feature-rich phone system comes with a host of built-in capabilities that allows you to perform just about any call-related action without having to look elsewhere. You can buy local and toll-free numbers, port-in your existing numbers, records calls for monitoring and training purposes, mask calls, transfer calls, and so much more.

Here’s the best part for you—Freshcaller seamlessly integrates with Freshsales so you can fully leverage the phone system right from the CRM, and have all your communication data right where you need them.

Ah, nothing like the sweet smell of centralized data to make better sales decisions.

Let’s get down to 5 ways CRM + built-in phone saves you time

1. Call your leads in one click

Research shows that chances of a lead answering your call increases by 100X if you connect with them within 5 minutes of their sign up. This means you got to act fast. Lightning fast.

The built-in phone in Freshsales allows you to call your contacts from the CRM by simply clicking on their phone number. You can call them from the list view, record landing page, and deal pipeline.

You can also call using the Freshcaller floating phone widget. Open up the virtual dial pad and enter a phone number or search for a lead or contact to call them.

Make calls in a single click with the Freshcaller-Freshsales integration

2. Have contextual conversations

42% of salespersons feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call.

Context drives conversations. Otherwise, salespersons are pretty much shooting in the dark while trying to sell. So, it’s important that you have relevant insights into a lead’s buying journey to pick up the phone and deliver a meaningful conversation.

Event tracking in Freshsales captures real-time data on a prospect’s visit to your website and pages that piqued their interest. Harness this information to intelligently steer your first conversation and make it more valuable for the prospect.

So before you start calling your prospects in the CRM, take a moment to look at their activity timeline and learn about their intent to purchase your services. Have this information side-by-side in Freshsales while you talk for quick reference. Unlike third-party tools, Freshsales-Freshcaller has everything in one place to deliver excellent customer experience.

Contextual conversations with the Freshsales-Freshcaller integration

3. Log and record sales calls to train your team

Sales managers use call recording as a method to train sales teams in improving their conversation skills. It’s also effective in helping managers understand how a conversation affected the outcome of a deal.

Freshcaller automatically logs every incoming and outgoing call made from the CRM. Having your phone and CRM together at your disposal means, logged calls are automatically updated in the relevant records. So when you visit a lead or contact page, you can view historical phone conversations in the activity timeline view. You can also manually log calls to a lead or contact, in the case you made a call outside the CRM.

Call recording in Freshcaller allows you to choose between three modes: do not record any call, record automatically, and record manually. This provides the flexibility to modify your preferences to comply with regulations where you conduct your business. Depending on this, you can set the system to match your requirements and disallow sales reps from accidentally recording calls if they shouldn’t be. Problem solved.

Call recording in Freshcaller

4. Mask your calls and improve call connection rates

Prospects often avoid answering international calls based on the assumption that they’re spam. Chances are they were waiting to hear from you, but even so, they may be wary to answer a call from an unknown number.

Call masking allows you to use a phone number in place of your actual number, and increase the probability of having your call answered. It also protects your privacy and enables you to make international calls using a local number instead. With Freshcaller, you can mask your business numbers to reflect a personal local number, and see upto 400% improvement in call connection rates.

Mask calls in Freshcaller

Learn more about call masking

5. Transfer calls seamlessly

Calls to the wrong region or salesperson happen all the time. People call in with a query and need to be directed to the right team member.

Freshcaller makes the transfer seamless by reaching the salesperson directly in the CRM. Just click on the transfer button on the dial pad and transfer the call to the right salesperson from the right territory. You can collaborate with the new salesperson, or they can quickly access the lead profile and view call notes to get an understanding of the customer’s needs and provide an uninterrupted experience.

Call transfer between agents with the Freshcaller-Freshsales integration

Call transfer between agents

Call log in Freshsales

Once the call is completed, the call log window opens up

Take your calls to the next level and sell better with the Freshsales phone

Freshsales empowers you to improve your sales productivity by enabling you to complete all your tasks, like send emails, make calls, create reports, and more, from the same tool. With a built-in phone available in your CRM, you don’t have to switch between tools to complete tasks. Call prospects faster and get your foot in their door.

Hear from Chargebee about how their SDR team uses the Freshsales built-in phone effectively:

The SDR teams at Chargebee use the phone feature extensively. They make at least 40 to 50 calls a day. And, the in-built phone feature in Freshsales CRM makes the process very easy. The user just needs to click on the number, pick a region and make a call.

Read the case study here.

Cover image by Anandh Ravichandran

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