Boost your client experience with better client management

Clients are a company’s greatest assets, and client information is its most important aspect. Because when it comes to client information, every piece of data matters. For client relationship managers, organizing and managing reliable information is crucial to understanding clients, building relationships and planning strategies for business growth. And client management begins with the sales team.

Many sales reps see it as an overwhelming task—one that takes too much time and effort—keeping them from performing their actual job. But in reality, client management is a huge part of a sales rep’s job. How data is managed is what makes all the difference in your business. It is deemed notoriously difficult for client relationship managers to get sales reps to organize information in a client management system; however, a good system like CRM software reduces the need for manual work, centralizes all client touchpoints and makes the sales team’s job easier.

Freshsales simplifies your client management needs by organizing all client information and communications, and piecing together everything your business can benefit from.

Get complete context about clients

Data stored outside client management software often gets misplaced. Better organization of client data means better access to client information in real time. With client profile software, every business representative has immediate access to client profiles in real time from anywhere. Freshsales adds structure to your data, and reduces manual data entry. Client information is auto-enriched by simply inputting their email address, while email and phone conversations are auto-logged in the client information software. Get a 360o client profile view in Freshsales, and know more than just the basics by tracking all interactions in one place.

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Prioritize your clients

Every business has to prioritize clients. But having many clients can make it hard to determine how to prioritize. Freshsales helps you prioritize who to contact first. The client manager software uses a lead scoring method to rank clients based on their profile and engagement with your company. It also tracks user behavior on your website and product. Client activity is shown in a timeline where you can learn which actions were performed when. Use this to have meaningful conversations, and be more effective when it comes to selling.

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Customize your client forms

Take your client management system one step further by customizing it for your users. Use Freshsales client management  software to create fields, groups and sub-groups, and drag-and-drop them to structure the form so it fits your unique business needs. You can also mark fields as “required.” This way, your sales reps remember to gather client information that are important to your business. Use Quick add to keep form fields to the minimum so you can zip through during entries.

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