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As an ecommerce website manager, you’d receive leads from various sources: your website, Google ads, emails, chat and more. Freshsales CRM for ecommerce automatically captures leads from various sources, eliminating the need to have multiple systems for lead management and ensuring no leads are lost in transit.

Freshsales also automatically enriches the lead information from social profiles and assigns lead score by their engagement pattern, so you know which leads are most likely to buy.

In-depth customer insights for personalized conversations

In ecommerce, building a comprehensive customer profile is crucial to your business’s success. With Freshsales, track the prospect’s actions on your website: whether they have abandoned their cart, searched for specific results, clicked on recommendations and more. See what offers and packages piqued their interest and send targeted personalized emails.

Get detailed reports on your sales team’s performance, the number of products sold by them, and make smart decisions to set targets and boost sales.

Bulk email
Behavioral tracking
Easily find potential customers

Identify and connect with your most potential prospects using lead score. Rank them by their activities on your website, and how active they are with your emails - in terms of email opens and link clicks.

Track website page views

Track your customer’s behavior on your website -- the pages which piqued their interest and the actions performed on each page. Automatically capture them as leads once they fill their details in a webform.

Send bulk emails. Track responses.

Send campaigns or discount offers to a large group of your customers at one go. Schedule emails by time zone and create personalized templates, so your ecommerce brand stands apart.

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