Impersonal. Irrelevant. Ineffective.

This isn’t how sales emails should be.

The way we buy has changed. Then why are we selling like the way we used to in the ‘90s? Generic, sales-y emails that are cold as ice. We live in an era of personalized Coke bottles and tailored movie selections, then why are our emails still dated and generic?

Well, not anymore, With Sales Sequences you can now create, send and track perfect, personalized outbound campaigns that help you start meaningful conversations with your customers. Define your audience, choose between activity-based smart sequences and time-bound classic sequences, pick the email to be sent from a list of templates, set up delivery timelines, create a killer first impression, and close more deals.

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How Freshworks increased conversions by 200%

In 2016, we set out to build the Outbound Sales Development function at Freshworks. We were using multiple tools, and had no single source of truth about our leads. That’s when we turned to the Freshsales team. The SDR team asking for Sales Sequences was further validation that we needed to build sales sequences within Freshsales as a native feature. Post the adoption of sales sequences, the outbound team saw an increase in demo setup requests by 300% and conversions by over 200%, all while saving a whopping $30,000!

Six reasons why you should use Sales Sequences by Freshsales

Know your customers

Identify potential customers, develop a database of prospects, systematically communicate and drive meaningful conversions.

Build relationships

Effectively nurture relationships with your prospects at every stage of the sales funnel and through every step of the buyer’s journey.

Improve in-product experience

Create customized product onboarding email sequences and enable your users to hit the ground running.

Win customer love

Stay engaged with your customers using consistent, targeted emails and establish real, valuable, long-term relationships.

Build customer retention

Deliver maximum value to existing customers and fast-track revenue growth with intelligent and well-timed upsell email campaigns.

Maximize revenue potential

Multiple product lines? Make email campaigns your ally in maximizing your current customers’ revenue potential by up-selling and cross-selling to them.

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