Sales and CRM: A Forced Relationship?


Picture this.

Your Sales Head hooks you up with the quintessential CRM.

Your Sales Head just thinks, your new partner’s a true gem.

The decision’s made. You’re made to believe in this “upgrade”.

You’re now hitched. To someone who’s complicated and glitched.

It’s all so forced. So what about a divorce?

Nope, you don’t have a choice. But you use your voice.

And say this match is not ideal. It doesn’t feel real.

They’re just all about the latest sales trends. They’re really not your friend.

They can’t relate. They just debate.

It frustrates you. It breaks you.

It breaks you and now you’re back in the spreadsheets with your toxic excel.


Your CRM uncovers your many affairs.

Now distrust and hostility are all the two of you share.

Things even your couples training program, just can’t resolve.

Now how can you ever evolve?

So phew! You’re finally done. You’ve split.  Time for some fun.

But wait.
The alimony. That ridiculously heavy set-up that mints money.

Oops. You’re trapped.

Did you hear that? Your CRM just sniggered and slow-clapped.

Sales Heads... is this your rep’s daily struggle?

 Time to get a new picture. A fresh picture.

 Where you’d find them the perfect match.

They’d be happy. They’d get attached.

 Where you’d find them the one that makes them a super-productive salesperson.

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