Why attend

92% of all sales conversations happen over the phone, according to The Brevet Group’s sales strategy study. 

But in general, 92% of those conversations don’t necessarily go back into the CRM because of disconnected platforms. A disintegrated phone and CRM system means details must be manually updated after every phone call. With most sales reps avoiding manual data entry, sometimes important information doesn’t get recorded in the CRM. 

So good telephony and CRM integration ensures that you don't miss 100% of your customer conversation. The automated flow of data, conversations, and nitty-gritty reminders for follow-up allow your sales team to focus more on selling. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get in touch with qualified prospects over a phone call
  • Lead those calls to see the light with dynamic call transcripts
  • Win your leads over with contextual follow-up - notes, tasks, and appointments
  • Identify and replicate your team's winning conversations
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