Why attend

Responding quickly to website visitors is becoming an increasingly important sales tactic. And, one key way you can achieve this is by using a chat platform.

But, you don’t want your sales reps to juggle between multiple tools. They key here is to centralize communication with customers in your sales CRM.

That’s why  seamlessly integrating Freshsales CRM with with Freshchat will allow sales reps to chat with leads directly from the sales CRM. Whether they're on your website or your app, it's an easy way to engage with leads in real time and increase the likelihood of converting them.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage visitors proactively, qualify leads, and convert them
  • Converse with outbound sales prospects with ease
  • Obtain 360° view by syncing chat to conversations
  • Auto-upload leads into your CRM
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Other Presenters

nivas 2x
Nivas Ravichandran

Product Marketing, Freshsales

anish deenadayalan 2x
Anish Deenadayalan

Product Manager, Freshchat

raghav viswanathan 2x
Raghav V

Product Marketing, Freshchat