Why attend

Marketing and sales teams are two sides of the same coin, working tirelessly to help solve customer problems. But they often end up working in an unstructured manner with no insight into each other’s activities.

Not anymore! With the Freshsales - Freshmarketer integration, users can better structure and automate the process from lead capture to deal closure. Here’s what we’ll cover in this webinar:

  • An introduction to Freshsales and Freshmarketer

  • How to capture leads from your website and send them to Freshmarketer

  • Making automation work for you with journeys for lead nurturing and engagement.

  • Send MQLs to Freshsales using Freshmarketer journeys

  • Configure lead assignment rules to send the right lead to the right salesperson

  • Enable the Freshsales-Freshmarketer sync to maintain unified data

  • Q&A

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