Workflows 2.0—More Intelligent, More Automations, More Time for Selling

“Focus on being productive instead of being busy” – Tim Ferriss

Let’s face it, we are all busy closing deals but we’re not as productive as we should be.
We understand how much precious time is spent by the sales reps in mundane tasks such as sending welcome emails, setting follow-up reminders, getting leads to subscribe to newsletters and so on. Imagine the difference they can make if they focus more on selling instead.

Also, as managers, the time spent in following up with the team, keeping track of large deals and monitoring your entire sales process is a real time-killer.
But not anymore!

A few days back, we introduced you to Freshsales Workflow Automations. We’re back with an exciting update. Workflow Automation feature now allows you to:


Create tasks for your sales agents

Automatically create follow-up tasks for sales agents so that they do not miss out on important activities.


  • As the deal nears its expected close date, automatically set up a task for the sales agent to follow up with the prospect.
  • Set a follow-up task due in 24 hrs whenever an email is received from a lead with a high-value deal.
  • Create mandatory tasks (KYC, demo, follow-up, support migrating data, etc.) for your presales team to ensure smooth customer on-boarding.


Send automated emails to prospects

Send personalized emails to your customers with no manual effort, using email templates. Choose the sender as the assigned sales agent, or send from your organization’s sales email address. Track the emails sent and choose to include the unsubscribe link in the email.


  • Send welcome and follow-up emails to prospects based on the stage they are in
  • Send a reminder email to the customer whenever deal renewal date is nearing


Send email alerts to sales agents

Sending alerts to your team becomes important to keep the team in sync and push critical info, instead of your team digging for it everyday.


  • Send alerts to the sales managers to track all high-value deals of his/her team
  • Send reminder email to your sales agent when a deal is stuck in a particular stage for a long time


Trigger webhooks to send notifications to third-party applications

Webhooks communicates with your third-party applications by sending instant notifications every time an event occurs in Freshsales.


  • Automatically generate an invoice using your accounting tool as soon as the deal is closed/won
  • Trigger SMS service to notify your prospects and agents about upcoming demos/webinars
  • Update the stock in your inventory management tool whenever a product is bought
  • Add a customer to product update/newsletter subscriber list in your marketing automation tool
  • Update the customer status in your support portal (say Freshdesk), whenever a deal is won/lost


Update Field Property

We wrote about this in our previous update. Let’s revisit a few scenarios.


  • If you’re a SaaS company, you can assign a presales point of contact as soon as your sales agent creates a deal
  • Update the probability of closing a deal when deal stage progresses
  • Whenever a project proposal is won, assign the deal to project implementation pipeline
  • Change lead stage to Inactive when a lead’s last activity was more than 30 days ago

Applicable plans: This feature is available from the Garden Pricing Plan.

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Happy Selling!