More time for people, less for formalities

More time for people, less for formalities

Hand out forms

At the click of a button, send out an onboarding kit - forms to be filled, documents to sign or handbooks, to your new hires.

Tick off tasks

Assign and track all the tasks you, hiring managers, the IT or the new hires ought to complete as a part of the onboarding process.

Send Reminders

Nudge new hires to complete their onboarding formalities with gentle reminders so you can save their first days for something better.

Update database

As you create profiles, you will grow an employee directory in Freshteam which becomes the single point of reference for your entire organization.

Web-based HR onboarding tool - Other Highlights

Organizational charts

Freshteam automatically generates beautiful organizational charts from the reporting relationships in your employee profiles.

Secure document vaults

All filled forms, signed documents, any other information you collect is stored securely in Freshteam. You can manage who has access to that information.

Employee Offboarding

Freshteam handles employee offboarding as well - the tasks, the documents, getting people on the same page and ensuring a smooth exit.

Award-winning HR software, Freshteam

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