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Definition of Learning Management System:

Learning Management System, or LMS, is a software program that takes care of your employee training program. With an LMS system, It becomes easier for managers who take care of onboarding and training to identify individual goals and organizational goals, assess and track their performance, presenting their performance data for decision making and so on. It is mainly used for onboarding, skill development and training, compliance and so on. 

Benefits of Learning Management System

The Learning Management System has more benefits than what you think. Some of them include: 

  • Save money on travel and training: With a single LMS, employees no longer have to travel for the training. Everything is available on the fingertips, with the intervention of the HR team or instructors.  

  • Centralized quality training: This ensures consistency in quality, since all the employees receive the same training materials and instructions. 

  • Track progress easily: Trainers can know who is doing well, who needs help and the time they have taken to complete the course and so on.

  • Ensures that everybody meets regulatory compliance: With LMS, manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical and other production industries can ensure that they meet the legal requirements.