Why is Freshdesk Contact Center the best Zendesk Talk alternative?

Don’t choose a product that limits your number purchasing power

Never choose a product which thinks its doing a favor by giving you $0 plans.

Add unlimited numbers even while choosing the $0 subscription plan

You can add as many numbers as your business requires regardless of your plan.

Don’t subscribe to a product with just basic routing rules

When customers reach out to you, your phone system with basic routing tools will not bring its ‘A’ game to the table.

Customize and handle every possible scenario of your inbound call center

Create custom rules for routing calls when agents are offline, stuck with other calls to ensure no conversation is missed out.

Don’t purchase a product that can only push after business hours calls to voicemails

Your customers use your product at their convenience. Ensure that your call center software can work after hours as well.

Decide whether you want to only push it to voicemail or an external call center number

Build your own working hour based call handling rules to be able to transfer calls to teams across the world.

What does Freshdesk Contact Center do better than Zendesk Talk?

What does Freshdesk Contact Center do better than Zendesk Talk?

Smart Escalations

Create custom escalation rules for incoming calls

Call Masking

Personalize your business number by masking

Call Conferencing

Add more team members to your call

After Call Work

Post call work time to finish call related tasks

Salient features of your Zendesk Talk alternative

Multi-level IVR

Allow your callers to self-service their way to the right team or person who can solve their needs with customizable greetings

Smart Escalations

Proactively configure your call routing to ensure that zero calls are missed owing to unavailability of your team

Business hour based routing

Help your supervisor manage a geographically distributed phone team by setting up time-based routing rules

Call Masking

Mask your outgoing caller ID to ensure that your business appears local while running a truly global team

Call Monitoring & Barging

Supervise all your phone calls real-time with our live dashboard and barge if necessary to increase your First Call Resolution percentage

Call Recording

Enable call recordings to keep track of customer conversations as well as to analyze your communication effectiveness

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ANUAL Ahorre hasta un 20%

Ideal para freelancers y start-ups

$ 0

Agentes ILIMITADOS + pago por minuto

  • Colas de llamadas básicas
  • Compre números gratuitos y locales se podrán aplicar cargos por llamada y por número
  • Mensajes de bienvenida personalizados
  • Personalización del tono de llamada
  • Reenvío a teléfono se podrán aplicar cargos por llamada y por número
  • Cambio de operadora se podrán aplicar cargos de cambio de operadora

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Ideal para equipos colocalizados

$ 19

agentes/mes + pago por minuto

Todo lo de Sprout y...

  • Colas de llamadas avanzadas
  • Transferencia de llamada a ciegas
  • Importación masiva de contactos Nuevo
  • Traiga a Su Propia Operadora (TSPO)
  • Horarios laborales
  • Enmascaramiento de llamadas
  • Grabación de llamadas
  • IVR (jerarquías de números de teléfono)
  • Conexiones SIP
  • Correo de voz personalizado
  • Transcripción de correo de voz Nuevo
  • Automatización de correo de voz Nuevo

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Ideal para equipos de alcance mundial

$ 59

agentes/mes + pago por minuto

Todo lo de Garden y...

  • Métricas de llamadas abandonadas
  • Direccionamiento en días festivos
  • Monitoreo de niveles de servicio
  • Reenvío multicanal Disponible si se compra junto con Freshdesk
  • Estado personalizado de agentes Nuevo
  • Opción de grabación de llamada Nuevo
  • Bot de respuestas Disponible por solicitud Beta
  • Informe de actividades de agentes Nuevo

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Deles un vistazo a nuestros cargos por llamada y número

Todos los planes incluyen soporte por correo electrónico 24 x 7 y soporte telefónico 24 x 5

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Freshdesk Contact Center: Your Zendesk Talk alternative