Increase your revenue with Freshchat’s WhatsApp integration

With reduced footfall in stores, your organization is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Your business is trying to find the silver bullet. 

When you’re picking this piece of tech, your silver bullet, it should satisfy a few conditions, conditions that I am listing below

1. Ease of use and on-boarding
2. Ease of reaching the customer
3. Availability at scale

And what other app that satisfies all these and throws them out of the ballpark?
Messaging apps, of course!

When you are scanning through apps that solve for these conditions, who’s your obvious winner? WhatsApp, duh. With more than 2 billion users across the world, it’s the biggest messaging app out there blowing other apps out of the water. Fun fact: There was a 148% increase in messages sent via WhatsApp during the onset of the lock down (Q2 2020). 

How has the pandemic changed the business organization

People are edging more towards messaging apps to connect with their friends and family and want to connect with businesses on WhatsApp too. 68% of WhatsApp users agreed that it’s the easiest way to connect with a business. With WhatsApp Business API, your organization can now have an increased reach, achieve greater open and click rates compared to traditional channels like email or phone (70% compared to 35% in emails) automatically leading to greater conversion rates.

What happens when you use WhatsApp for sales

Now that you have chosen the right piece of tech that your customers love, what about your team?
Leaders must learn to adapt in the face of adversity. And that has never been truer before than now, especially for Sales leaders. With people working remotely, with your sales team working remotely, how do you equip them with the best solutions to help them give their best week in, week out?

Who’s going to be the Boyle to your Jake? The Chewie to your Han? The Clyde to your Bonnie?

Look no further. At Freshworks, we have a full blown messaging solution called Freshchat that makes purchasing and selling a frictionless experience. Here’s a guide to help you set up Freshchat – WhatsApp in accordance with the sales funnel to help your sales team achieve their goals.

You can use this as a guide to how your organization can set up WhatsApp for sales to increase revenue.


1. Set up Click ads directly to WhatsApp

When WhatsApp released their Business API, a lot of the beta users wanted to connect these with their primary marketing solutions – Facebook and Instagram ads, so that a customer can talk to a sales rep immediately on WhatsApp. WhatsApp did just that and worked with its parent company to provide a smooth experience for the business setting up the ads. In general, when your organization is creating such a campaign, WhatsApp recommends you tailor your campaign according to your target audience.

Use Facebook and Instagram ads to redirect leads to WhatsApp for sales
For a lead generation campaign, WhatsApp recommends using a core audience or a lookalike audience group similar to your existing customers. For campaigns involving people who have already shown interest in your business (like re-targeting campaigns), try creating a custom audience based on actions taken on your website.

Click ads to WhatsApp is a great ToFu sources as they help customers find the right product, showing them a direct path to purchase and a greater mind share and brand recall because your business is quite literally, just a text away.

Now that your lead is into your sales ecosystem, what next?


3. Drive purchase with self service AI…

You can connect your WhatsApp interface with an AI powered sales concierge, where the customer can receive item details and catalogs and the bot can drive conversations to payments by itself.

Bots that can be used within WhatsApp for sales

4. …Or loop your sales team directly

Or you can loop in your sales team to close the deal in a matter of minutes. With Freshchat’s context pane, you can find all the customer history of orders and provide them with the right offer for them. 

That’s all cool, but what happens if the customer and your team speak different languages?

Your team doesn’t have to copy paste each sentence to Google Translate and understand the conversation anymore. They can sit back and watch as LiveTranslate does all the grunt work of translations from over 100 languages in real time.

Also, with Freshchat’s list of marketplace apps you can collect payments (Stripe, Pagato, etc) → record this transaction in your CRM (Freshsales, Hubspot) and send an email with invoice and transcripts using marketing automation tools.

5. Transactional Notifications:

Now that you’ve made a sale, how do you inform the customer about the purchase? 🤔🤔
Fear not, with WhatsApp’s proactive messaging feature, you can automatically trigger the Payment_Update template.

Example: Hi {{1}}, your payment of {{2}} has been accepted.To track your order, please visit {{3}}

A GiF of proactive messages that can be sent on WhatsApp


These are a few ways WhatsApp can be used to improve your revenue. Join organizations like Dunzo, SENS Group, SuprDaily, Klarna, Musafir, Homechoice in using Freshworks’s solutions to improve your customer experience!

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