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With over 1.5bn users in across 180 countries, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app across the world.

84% of businesses believed that using WhatsApp Business contributed in increasing CSAT and revenue.

Open rate for WhatsApp is around 70%.


Wow your customers with the WhatsApp Business API

Customer Support

Provide quick 1-on-1 conversational support on your customers' preferred messaging app to resolve your customers' queries instantly

Proactive messaging

Deliver outbound notifications like bookings and payment updates. Proactively engage with your customers after getting Opt-ins

IVR Deflection

Redirect phone calls to your WhatsApp Business Phone number and bring down operational costs

2-Factor Authentication

Send One Time Passwords (OTPs) securely and protect customer accounts with WhatsApp's built-in end-to-end encryption

Why integrate your WhatsApp Business account with Freshchat

Why integrate your WhatsApp Business account with Freshchat

Simple and Contextual

Provide quick support by pulling context from Smart Plugs in an intuitive interface

Handling Scale? Deploy bots

Manage scale by giving answers and follow up with intent based conversations through our AI powered Bots

Toggle less, Process more

Do more by integrating with your favorite CRMs, helpdesks and more. All, in one place!

Analyse and Optimize

Monitor your team performance and metrics like CSAT with our real time reports

Pay for what you use!



The WhatsApp Business API is available as an integration on the Garden, Estate and the Forest plans of Freshchat

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