Build your own 24*7 support concierge with Bots

Freshchat’s AI engine lets you have precise and meaningful conversations with your customers at scale. 


✔️ Provide automatic responses to frequently asked questions with Freddy answer bot
✔️ Create engaging conversational experiences using DIY no-code custom flows


Engage personally on channels that your customers love



Be present and engage actively on channels that your customers use widely like web, mobile, social, and other messengers.

✔️Engage proactively and respond instantly on WhatsApp — a channel trusted by 59% of the population in APAC

✔️ Integrate with Facebook messenger and respond to queries on Facebook from your Freshchat inbox

✔️ Connect with other popular messengers like ABC, Line, and so on. 




Transform your website into a growth engine 

Don’t just stop with delight, acquire customers right within your website using hyper-targeted and personalized campaigns. Freshchat helps you reduce cart drop-offs, improve website conversions, and build a sales fast-lane without breaking a sweat.

✔️ Influence purchase with proactive and personalized campaigns 

✔️ Provide an opportunity for your prospects to book meetings right within the messenger

✔️ Engage contextually with 360-degree visitor intel

✔️ Integrate with your CRM, marketing automation and other sales tools that you love



Powering millions of conversations for businesses of all sizes