Customer queries resolved with chatbots

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Customers served with WhatsApp 

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Increase in average order value

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Sell more with proactive messaging

  • Send targeted messages to your website visitors

  • Reduce cart abandonment with live agent support

  • Entertain inquiries on WhatsApp and sell more

  • Send offers, promotions and updates on WhatsApp


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Customer service in every pocket  

  • Deploy chat support on your website, WhatsApp, Facebook and more

  • Reduce response times by 80%  with predefined message templates

  • Improve productivity by 3x compared to phone support

  • Handle multiple conversations at the same time with ease


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Enable 24/7 self-service with bots

  • Resolve 60% customer queries without agent intervention

  • Ensure round-the-clock support by building automated responses

  • Set up your bots in minutes, not months 


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