Be where your customers are with WhatsApp

Offer real-time assistance

Your customers are interacting every day on WhatsApp. Now, you can offer instant customer support solutions on their most preferred channel of communication. 

Proactive Messaging

Go a step further with your customers by reaching out to them by sharing updates via messages and notifications

Reduce costs on voice calls

Redirect phone calls to your Whatsapp Business phone number and save big on operational telephone costs.

Start conversations with prospects

Configure your Facebook ads to redirect clicks from prospects to WhatsApp, that way you can capture more leads.

Do more on WhatsApp with Freshchat

Automatically assign experts to customers

Use IntelliAssign to find the right agent for the right case. Route queries automagically based on workload, availability, and skills.

Unified view of customer conversations

With a single, 360 degree view of customer conversations, your agents can easily navigate between channels and access contextual information to offer customers the best digital experience.

Scale faster with bots

Seamlessly set up bots to handle routine conversations as your queries increase and improve your resolution times.

Deploy within minutes

Integrate, launch, and sell within minutes using Freshchat. It’s completely code-free and you can get started immediately.

Safety at the forefront of WhatsApp + Freshchat

Build trust with your customers

Confidently host your WhatsApp with Freshchat. We are among the few Facebook verified partners offering messaging software solutions.

Protect your customers, always 

The 2 factor authentication sends one time passwords securely to confirm delivery and protect customer accounts with Whatsapp’s built-in end to end encryption.

Pay only for what you use!


The WhatsApp Business API is available as an add-on in the Garden, Estate and the Forest plans of Freshchat.

WhatsApp charges extra for notifications. Find information here

Your first 2 months are on us!