Why Freshdesk Messaging?

Your customers have adapted to the new normal. 

Freshdesk Messaging’s best-in-class AI-powered messaging software helps your team do the same.

Scale your customer service with chatbots

Build and deploy complex decision trees on WhatsApp using our no-code bot builder. Let your team focus on meaningful work, while the bots resolve repetitive questions by providing precise answers instantly.

Send notifications at the right time

Proactively inform customers at the right moment using Template messages. Attach images, videos and documents to these messages to add more context.

Do more on WhatsApp with Freshdesk Messaging

Add multiple agents

Give your team a single workspace that’s designed for ease, productivity, and collaboration.

Plug-in and use

Connects with payments, order management, or CRM tools for real-time conversations on order updates, refunds, and more

Analyze and Optimize

Derive insights from customer touchpoints and make business-critical decisions

Your first 2 months are on us!