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Brand Stories

Every brand story is a roller-coaster ride with ups, downs and infinite loops. In this podcast, we will take you through brand journeys that stood out to us and talk about parts of their story that inspired us.

Brand story of Zoom 

This episode is on a brand that redefined video calls, revolutionized collaboration, had a successful IPO filing and went public like a boss. Yes, we are going to talk about the one true silicon valley underdog - Zoom!

Before Zoom went IPO, not many people spoke about the company and not many knew of their story. Zoom which was exclusively known for its video communication product, struck the most successful public offering. Launching at 36$, currently valued at 92.53 USD as of today.

Zoom is leading the IPO race against Pinterest, Uber, Slack, Fiverr and the lot.
So, what is Zoom’s story?

Tune in to listen to growth, marketing and customer experience learnings from Zoom’s story