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About Kevan Lee

Kevan is the VP of marketing at Buffer. He started out as a content writer and has worn many hats since. He is well known for his transparent and thought inspiring articles on social media marketing, content marketing and managing teams.

The ultimate content marketing guide

More than 12 million people reach out to Buffer every month through their content and brand awareness campaigns. They have about 100 thousand new users acquired each month.  Don't you want to know what happens behind the scenes?

In today’s, Kevan will reverse engineer his strategies around marketing and decode content and social media marketing, the Buffer way. We are going to get candid about some useful tips and secrets on how Buffer deals with content marketing and also get to know Kevan's thoughts on social media and other marketing trends.

Listener notes

[1.31] -- What does a VP of marketing do at Buffer? A glimpse into Kevan’s everyday tasks.

[4.38] -- Mitigating social campaign risks and instant crisis in a remote team

[6.00] -- Brand awareness and content marketing strategy at Buffer

[7.40] -- Ideal content marketing goals

[10.25] -- Step-by-step walk through of the process of creating and promoting content

[14.30] -- Updating and revising existing and non-performing content

[16.30] -- Marketing for customers

[20.28] -- Future of content marketing

[23.00] -- Is social media failing us?

[26.00] -- Hiring for a successful marketing team