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About David Sakamoto

David Sakamoto is the Head of Customer Success for the Americas at Cisco.

Enabling customer success when the whole world is your audience

When a giant multinational conglomerate specializing in hardware and high tech enters the Saas business, things massively change. The center of all the change is the customer — new processes, touchpoints, and the need for a unified experience.

David Sakamoto joins us to talk about:

  • How Cisco delivers customer success at scale
  • Segmenting customers when the world is your audience
  • Lessons smaller businesses can apply from Cisco’s customer success philosophy
  • Why culture needs to be at the forefront of the change, and
  • The most important trait needed in a customer success candidate

Listener notes

[02.00] -- Customer Success is a system of delivering value
[03.43] -- Integration of the processes
[04.25] -- The cultural mindset is the most important in driving the change
[05.13] -- Transition from a hardware company to Saas focussed
[07.55] -- Segmenting customers, and giving them the same experience
[11.28] -- Learnings for smaller businesses from Cisco
[11.54] -- All customer success teams have the same level of commonality
[14.25] -- The “Just Listen” guide to handling difficult customers
[18.40] -- Hiring for customer success when your teams grows by 100 people in half a year
[22.10] -- Farm don’t hunt
[22.10] -- Gainsight’s book on customer success