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About Sean Ellis

Sean, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, is a leading authority on growth hacking. He coined the term “Growth Hacking” to describe the sustainable growth approach used by hyper-growth companies like Facebook, Airbnb and Amazon.

Make your entire company take ownership of growth

There are companies that grow and companies like Dropbox that spawn and sprout. Many of us have always wondered if we would ever be able to take the road taken by Dropbox, to be able to reach a revenue of $1billion in the blink of an eye. The answer is growth marketing/hacking. Growth Hacking is like AI - it’s everywhere but no one really understands it. You need an expert to put things into perspective, who better than the person who coined the term “Growth Hackers”. 

In this episode, Sean will help us debunk behind the scenes of growth at Dropbox, LogMeIn, Lookout, Eventbrite, and GrowthHackers. In our conversation with Sean, we are going to decode his famous concept of growth pyramid, and deep dive into different aspects of building and scaling a fast growing company.

Listener notes

[01.40] -- Approaching growth hacking or growth marketing in 2019. What has changed over the course?

[02.57] -- Looking at growth for a product inside a company vs. the company itself

[03.45] -- Defining north star metric

[04.52] -- The concept of growth pyramid. The milestones to be cleared before creating a customer-wide culture of growth

[09.33] -- Growth as a function

[11.43] -- Testing and scaling a startup - talking about product-market fit

[15.38] -- Hiring for growth hacking

[19.53] -- Learnings as a marketer