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About Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard is the VP of Marketing at Vidyard, a video technology platform. He has 15+ years of experience in B2B marketing, brand, and video.

Making your BOFU metrics better - Associating videos to individual accounts

Video personalization is evolving to become the full proof solution for quality lead generation. The perceived limitations like spending $$$$ to outsource videos and thinking about videos for only a big brand campaign is a thing of the past now. Tyler joins us to talk about:

  • How to build a culture where people aren’t intimidated to incorporate videos
  • Why the goals for any video campaign shouldn’t be views but conversion
  • How to associate videos to individual accounts
  • How to increase the lifeline of videos, and
  • How to take your video marketing to a next level: a 3-step approach

Listener notes

[01.46] -- The evolution of video marketing
[05.10] -- Targeted text emails and display ads don’t stand out
[06.00] -- The key to ABM programs today
[06.30] -- The case of one-to-one videos in sales
[09.10] -- Leverage your own employees to produce video
[10.32] -- How Vidyard has created a video culture
[13.27] -- Proactively thinking videos
[16.31] -- Now: “Video complements text.” Future: “Text supports video.”
[19.12] -- Metrics to track for videos
[22.05] -- How to maximize your BOFU metrics
[24.20] -- Increasing the lifeline of videos
[30.05] -- They ask you answer
[31.05] -- MarketingProfs
[31.37] -- Andrew Davis
[32.16] -- Quality for modern marketers

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