Provide reliable support where your customers spend most of their time 

Get a WhatsApp Business account up and running in 5 days
Automate 3x queries with DIY bots. Reduce costs by 80%
Manage conversations across all channels from one central inbox

Companies across sizes are supporting on WhatsApp and chat 

Several people are messaging. Is your business too?

Add messaging as a service and engagement channel on the web, mobile app, or apps like WhatsApp to provide real-time and reliable support. Automate volumes or repetitive questions with bots. 

Phone lines busy? Divert traffic to WhatsApp

Port or buy support phone numbers in any area code worldwide, and answer calls from right within Freshdesk. When phone lines are stressed, deflect volumes from IVR to WhatsApp and boost productivity by 65%.

Dispersed customer context? Take the load off your team with a centralized inbox

Manage email, chat, and call conversations from one place. Assign, respond, and resolve. See all the customer history across channels to keep support accurate and contextual. 

Reduced CSAT and high churn? Go proactive

Send personalized and proactive messages on your website, mobile app, or WhatsApp. Drive upgrades or communicate about order status, appointments, and more.