What is this webinar about?

 In the wake of COVID-19, there’s been a surge in phone and ticket volumes even as businesses operate with minimum employees. While our working environments have changed completely, customer requests and demands are not slowing down. To cater to this, many businesses are now turning to ‘Messaging’ and “Bots”.

On May 28th, we will be hosting an interactive webinar sharing how your business can stay on top of this crisis, addressing directly the questions that you may be facing.

Join us as we share practical tips that will ensure successful business continuity even in these tough times. This event is also an opportunity to connect with our community of Freshdesk customers who care about CX as much as you do.

Presenters in this webinar

sahruday patnaik 1 sahruday patnaik 1
Uday Patnaik

 Customer Success Manager, Freshworks

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Arushi Ladha

Program Manager, Freshworks