To which function do you belong?

Customer Support

I handle all the customer requests and help

them resolve their queries

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IT Support

I handle all the IT Support requests  and I'm in charge of all the hardware and software related queries

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Reasons why you should choose Freshworks

Cost Effective

Who says a good helpdesk software has to cost an arm and a leg? With our competitive prices, choose our products and save your hard earned money.

Easy Implementation

Say good-bye to long implementation process thanks to our products that are incredibly easy to set up and ridiculously easy to use.


Data security is of highest priority at Freshworks, we are ISO certified, GDPR compliant ready and our data centers are located at US, Europe, and Australia.

What else can Freshdesk do?

  • Helps you work together with team members from across the company to provide
    quick and consistent answers to your customers.

  • Helps you maintain your brand’s image consistently with customisable support portals.
    Define workflows to suit the way that your team works.

  • Helps you create a self-service experience for your customers complete with knowledge base
    and interactive forums

 What else can Freshservice do?

  • Helps you isolate problems, link it to existing or past incidents, perform root cause analysis,
    the timeline of events of your ITIL based service management tool.

  • Helps you make informed decisions, monitor the ITSM system performance, and improve
    service delivery with predefined and custom reporting capabilities.

  • Makes work simpler with popular third-party integrations and customizable plugins
    so you can manage services from the single window of your Freshservice account.

Awards and accolades, we got'em all

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Helpdesk for external support


Empower your support team to work together and resolve customer issues faster.



Helpdesk for IT support


Streamline your IT service and manage requests from your end users.



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