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Top 3 deal breakers

Bloated software

Activecampaign has Marketing Automation, CRM and chatbot bundled into one software. Bundling them might make ActiveCampaign affordable if you initially planned to purchase all of them separately. But any marketer worth his salt knows that all of these tools solve beastly use-cases, much beyond the purview of any bundled all-in-one software. 

Freshworks understood this point which is why it built Freshmarketer for marketing automation, Freshsales for CRM and Freshchat for chat and web messaging. All of them affordably priced but meant to handle far complex use-cases.  


Steep learning

Activecampaign has a steep learning curve. Partially because it is inherently complex, evident by the enormous literature they produce to train marketers to use it. Secondly, since it’s old software, some of its modules look like relics of the past being untouched by any latest development. For instance, it’s email editor is needlessly complex and rigid to use. Given the presence of third-party email editors, it’s so rare to find unfriendly editors even in fresh email tools but Active Campaign’s still reminding marketers of the bygone days.

Likewise, their automation, which could have been several degrees simpler, is complex to understand, even for a seasoned MarTech user.


Premium support 

Everything from migration & implementation to onboarding to phone support is reserved only for the premium customers. So either you purchase the enterprise plan which is of course supremely pricey or you bear the hidden cost of your resource’s self-training and sunk time in difficult onboarding.


The Freshmarketer Advantage

Top 3 reasons to make the switch right away!


Unique challenges meet a unique product 

There is a point to which you could add features in a SaaS product. Anything beyond that makes the product bloated and compromises the simplicity and lightness, that should be the USP of any product meant for SMBs. Freshworks understands this point, so it launched Freshmarketer for marketing automation and that alone.  

It would never include chatbots in Freshmarketer because that’s an independent beast and we made Freshchat for that. Likewise, for CRM we made Freshsales instead of stuffing that capability to Fresmarketer or even Freshchat. Doing this allowed us to uniquely solve a problem, remove the complexity and offer flexibility while staying affordable.

Seamless sync with CRM 

Freshmarketer provides real-time contact and activity sync with Freshsales. Which means that apart from contact details you could also push contact activity from Freshsales to Freshmarketer and vice versa.

This would ensure that both sales and marketing have a unified view of every single contact in the system.


Cost-effective marketing solution 

A bloated software like ActiveCampaign comes with extravagant pricing.  For simple email automation and lead nurturing tasks, it is highly advisable to move to more budget-friendly tools. Freshmarketer lets you focus on your major marketing automation tasks for very affordable prices. Signing-up for a user-friendly tool like Freshmarketer means you benefit from a profitable software investment and experience the power of smooth marketing automation. It really is the best of both worlds with Freshmarketer.


If you aren't convinced, here's proof.


Pricing Comparison

Freshmarketer is a better deal than ActiveCampaign. Period.
# of contacts







Custom pricing



Custom Pricing


Freshmarketer also has legacy CRO features, but you won’t be charged for it unless you choose to exceed the free limit. 

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