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About Unicef

UNICEF, abbreviated for United Nations Children’s Fund, is the world’s largest children’s organization. It is a completely donor-funded United Nations agency, headquartered in New York, USA and they work in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential.

Freshmarketer had the fortune to associate with the UNICEF New Zealand by helping them achieve their CRO objectives. We spoke to Phillip who manages the digital marketing for UNICEF New Zealand and also leads their optimization campaigns.



UNICEF New Zealand was scouting for a CRO partner that could help them carry out extensive testing and optimization to maximize conversion on their website. They researched and carried out POC with a couple of vendors and eventually ended up with Freshmarketer.

“Freshmarketer the most competitive offer to help us complete our objectives.”

Phillip Casey

Digital Marketing Specialist

UNICEF New Zealand

As for Freshmarketer, it has been an incredible win. As in, can there be any bigger validation for a year-old product than onboarding a United Nations Agency as a customer?

Freshmarketer effect

Phillip and team used all the modules of Freshmarketer to almost the same degree. Therefore, for good or worse, there is not one experiment which is the highlight of this article. So, we would pick some selected modules and discuss the relevant experiments that Phillip ran where we can learn from:


UNICEF by virtue of their business runs a lot of fundraising campaigns on their website.

Every fundraiser has a landing page whose purpose is to get the maximum number of donations (conversions). For Phillip and team, it is important to evaluate the success of each campaign so that they could optimize them for better.

Phillip used Funnels to track the success of different campaigns and carry out ongoing optimization to reduce drop off and increase conversion rates

With Funnel analysis, he got the answers to

  • the percentage of conversions out of total visitors
  • the subsequent drop-offs since the time visitors land on the page till they end up getting converted.

Representation via funnel made the data easier to grasp. It enabled Phillip to identify the high drop-off areas and follow it up with experiments to come up with the most optimal solution.

A/B testing

UNICEF carries out a diverse range of humanitarian aid campaigns and has multiple ways in which members of the public can support them. Because of this, UNICEF’s website requires a large number of unique landing pages.

With that in place, there is always a scope to test various elements to identify what works best with audiences.

For instance, what term for an information book, “booklet” or “guide”, would resonate more with visitors and persuade them to download it more?

UNICEF split website traffic and ran an A/B test interchanging the terms “booklet” or “guide” to determine which would result in the greatest number of downloads. This learning could then be fed into strategy and copy used across other channels.

Likewise, by playing with page elements such as positioning, images and content length, Phillip was able to identify the most optimum version of each of their web pages.

Using Split URL testing for URL direct

For those who don’t know, Split URL is similar to A/B testing but is different in a sense that in A/B testing you compare two versions of the same page. But, in Split URL you compare two different pages altogether. (two URLs)

Now, apart from testing, Phillip’s team used Split URL for an entirely different purpose- URL redirect.

Here’s how? Often we create a landing page that needs precedence even over your home page. Say, it’s a Christmas week and during this period you want that whenever someone logs on to your site, your Christmas landing appears instead. (url redirect in a nutshell) Ideally, you could do that via your DNS, server side or just your source code, all of which are equally complex and most importantly- requires dependence on dev team.

Imagine a marketer trying to do that. He would have to wait for the full circle of tech deployment such that by the time the change appears, Christmas is already over.

This is where Split URL testing comes to rescue. All you have to do is to go to Freshmarketer dashboard → Split URL → new experiment. In the variation, add the url that you wish to show and direct 100% of the traffic to it.

Phillip and team use this technique to direct traffic to unique landing pages when emergencies strike, and time is of the essence.

“This allows us to drive all traffic to their most urgent appeal, where we need the most support and funds are desperately needed.”

Phillip Casey

For instance, try logging in to and see where you are directed. (The test is stopped. When it was live the users were instead redirected to


There are other modules like Session Replay and Heatmaps that were extensively used by Phillip to understand their audience better. By using all of Freshmarketer’s tools in an integrated approach, UNICEF are able to carry our ongoing testing and optimization across their diverse range of campaigns and landing pages. This helps UNICEF understand and communicate with their audiences better and fundraise more effectively – so more children around the world can receive life-saving aid.

This case study is unlike others in a way that other case studies have a central highlight in them, some uplift in conversion, dip in bounce, drop in abandonment etc. But with UNICEF we were just so impressed with their volume of activities that we decided against cherry picking one experiment in particular and instead chose to discuss their overall approach towards CRO.


“Freshmarketer has been integral for the success of many of our campaigns. It’s enabled us to carry out extensive testing and gather insights very quickly, which we can then scale-up and roll out easily. It’s very adaptive – allowing us to divert traffic, start a/b testing and begin tracking engagement with minimal setup effort.”

Phillip Casey

Digital Marketing Specialist

UNICEF New Zealand