All-In-One Conversion Optimization Suite

Convert your website visitors through highly robust conversion optimization techniques.

Why choose us?

Explore your data with segmentation

Not all visitors are same. Segment the visitor data with advanced filters and custom attributes and get access to power high-impact marketing decisions.

Data-driven Integrations

Connect with powerful web services to sync your visitor data at one place. Get connected with the ecommerce platforms and Google Analytics to leverage your visitor data for deeper insights.

Stay on track with the target audience

Target specific visitors who match a set of characteristics or behavior and get conversions from right group of people. Target visitors based on geolocation, language, page visits, device types and
much more.

Schedule report

Schedule daily, weekly and monthly report and get the real-time data hit your inbox. Get instant responses and feedback from customers compiled in the CSV fmarketer

Freshmarketer for agencies

Invite unlimited number of users to your organization for easy collaboration. Enable agency mode and help optimize your client’s websites at ease.

Always have Contextual conversations with your customers and perform call transfer, call forwarding and call conferencing

What makes us unique?

All the tools that you need in one pack

Save your time and money by juggling between tools. Everything you need to analyze, optimize and personalize website is at one place.

Do more with the Chrome extension

Create experiments in just two minutes with our Industry’s first Chrome extension. Easily manage your experiments with one click from wherever you are on the web.

Track everything in real-time

Capture visitor action on your website and render user journey in real-time. Track every click, scroll, conversion, and drop-off and uncover insights that were never imagined.

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