A Structured Approach to Conversion Optimization

To increase your website conversions, you got to know what your visitors see and how they interact with your website and then optimize your web pages by trying out different variations to check the results. Based on the results, provide tailor-made experience to different visitor personas. So you need a tool that helps you analyse, optimize, personalize and as well as engage with your website visitors to increase conversions. You can do all of this with one powerful tool - Freshmarketer.

Everything you need to improve your website conversions


Understand and analyze how your visitors interact on the website. Track clicks on every interactive element of your website with no sampled data.

A/B Testing

Easily edit web pages with Freshmarketer’s visual editor and Chrome extension without much technical expertise.

Session Replay

Record sessions of individual visitors’ interaction with the website. Everything is captured in real time and can be played back anytime.

Funnel analysis

Find out where exactly the visitors drop off by tracking customer journey. Know how many visitors from home page complete the purchase.

Form Analysis

Not all visitors who fill sign up form, complete it. Form analysis helps to increase form completions on your website.

Polls and Feedback

Grab your visitor’s attention by triggering the poll at the precise moment. Stop your visitors from leaving your website by creating exit polls.

Split URL testing

Easily do a Split URL testing as well. Enter URLs of pages sharing a similar design and upload them with a Simplified Regex targeting option.


Create personalized experiences for different visitor personas. Tailor web content for complex target audience using logical operations.

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