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Unleashing the Full Potential of Audience Targeting in Zarget

Written by on June 29, 2017

The folks here at Zarget have been hard at work, polishing up one of the most extensive options in A/B testing — Audience Targeting. This update to targeting is the first of many to come in the near future.

When it comes to running a successful A/B testing experiment, half of the equation is knowing who to target. Targeting helps one to decide the who and the where of an experiment.

In Zarget, targeting options are provided in two ways- Audience targeting and URL targeting.

Audience targeting will define for whom this experiment should be running whereas URL targeting determines where the experiment should run, to be specific on which page of your site the experiment should run.

(If you’re using Zarget, you can find links to our Knowledge base covering a detailed step-by-step instructions helping you execute each one.)

Updates to Targeting

Recently, we decided to invest time in providing a plethora of targeting options in Zarget and to start it off, we have released six new audience segments to our existing ones.

  • Page View
  • Page Visits
  • Day since first visit
  • Day since last visit
  • Language
  • Custom JavaScript

Page View and Visits

Sometimes, you want to target audience based on the number of visits and views made by the audience. Unlike new visitors, returning visitors are more interested in your website and are more likely to get converted.

For this, Zarget provides a handy way to monitor the number of page views and visits made by a visitor and bucket visitors based on those targeting condition. These options will granularly target returning visitors who are actually interested in your product or page.

Day Since First and Last Visit

Most often what is lost in understanding a website visitor is the fact that there are numerous interactions before turning into a converted visitor, wherein the interactions might not necessarily be consistent. A visitor might just see, compare products before making a purchase decision, read product reviews and even for some weird reasons might abandon the cart from buying the product.

Measuring the recency of a visitor can help you target better and gain momentum in converting them. Now, a visitor visiting the abandoned cart after some days since the last visit can be prompted to get converted much easier than before.


Language based targeting has become a crucial way to engage, build and deepen relations with your website visitor. Zarget provides you a way to run experiments based on visitor’s language. Geo-targeting when combined with language based targeting expands the growth of cultural targeting of visitors such as targeting French speakers living in United States.

Custom JavaScript

Let’s say your team has decided to run an A/B testing experiment for logged in users only. Now you can set a custom JavaScript condition in Zarget and run your experiments based on the value that the JavaScript condition returns.

All in the Box

So, we made a pack of some advanced targeting options for you to try out with your team.

Have questions or suggestions? You can learn more about our tool in our Help Center, or drop us a line at — we’d love to hear from you. Let’s continue to make Zarget better, together.

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