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Increased customer expectations  

Customer expectations around support have risen multifold, with over 63% of customer leaders globally reporting that they’ve seen an increase in customer expectations. With constantly-increasing access to multiple support platforms, customers today demand a quick, seamless, and unified service experience every single time. No doubt, customer service teams feel they need to be on top of their game as they look to deliver their best.

Freshdesk plays a key role in enabling businesses to delight their customers, with tangibly less effort. Companies around the world are using Freshdesk to gain better visibility with the ability to assign, prioritize, and track tickets. But with new capabilities and growing complexities there is always a need for something more in their tech stack. In the SaaS world, chances are the best solution is just an app away!


Freshworks Marketplace to the rescue

Freshworks Marketplace is that one place where customers can find the best apps to extend their Freshworks experience. The Marketplace features apps spread across categories that customers can use to customize and enhance their Freshworks products. But how do we make our Marketplace easily accessible?

Previously, the Marketplace apps section was hidden behind the Settings section, placed as one of the many options available to an admin. As a result, an app’s discoverability was severely limited. 


Introducing Marketplace access through Navigation bar

Now Freshdesk customers can easily access the Freshworks Marketplace via the Navigation bar with a single click on the Marketplace icon. This feature update brings the apps section outside of the Settings page, to a more prominent and global location making it easier for admins to discover apps. Clicking on the Freshworks Marketplace button opens a drop-down menu that includes a search bar to quickly search through the apps.


Moreover, admins can now look at the most popular apps being used by Freshdesk customers directly on the Marketplace menu drop-down. Admins can also access the Developer portal to build their own apps through the Marketplace menu drop-down.


Agent access to Marketplace gallery

Agents, who are the power users of our products, also have better access to Freshworks Marketplace. Previously the gallery view was restricted only to Admins. This feature update allows agents to access the gallery view directly from their product dashboard, discover apps, and raise a request to install them.  Just like the admins, agents would have access to the search bar, the most popular apps section, and the Marketplace in-product gallery.


With these latest feature updates, we believe we’ve brought the Freshworks Marketplace closer to our Freshdesk customers, more than ever before. Leveraging the apps from Marketplace enables customization, flexibility, and integration of multiple tools that aids the customer service teams to do what they do best – deliver customer delight!

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