Great customer experience drives long-term success

The first of its kind CRM stack to integrate the customer success function, we enable marketing, sales, support, and customer success professionals to better target your ideal customer segments, monitor account health, and identify upsell opportunities throughout the customer journey. Our seamless omnichannel experience makes engaging customers effortless for both users and customers. The powerful Freshworks developer platform makes it easy to customize your experience for any environment.

Proactively engage customers across the customer journey with a 360-degree view of the customer

The Freshworks Customer-for-Life cloud provides predictive analytics, customer intelligence, and workflow management to help you proactively engage customers across sales, marketing, and support. Support and success agents receive timely notifications that recommend precise actions to specific contacts who may be frustrated, in need of help, or looking for new product suggestions. Support professionals gain increased context for ticket triage and escalation, and the customer success team can more effectively avoid churn. Sales and marketing have a complete view of the customer journey that allows them to better target the ideal customers for your business and find cross-sell or upsell opportunities.  You’ll finally be able to use your CRM platform to directly impact your ROI.

Engage customers with effortless omnichannel experiences

The Customer-for-Life cloud not only provides complete 360 degree customer data, but makes engaging customers across channels easier than ever.  Freshworks' omnichannel experience integrates email, chat, messaging, social media and of course phone interactions to WOW! both agents and their customers.  Gone are the days of alt-tabbing between channels. Instead, say hello to Omniroute™  which intelligently routes tickets to the right agent at the right time.

Leverage the power of Freddy AI to enhance agent learning and customer experience

The Freshworks Customer-for-life Cloud features Freddy AI, our incredibly easy to use AI/ML technology that brings the latest predictive power to any business. Whether it’s helping sales focus on the best leads, or empowering support agents to learn faster and solve issues more efficiently, Freddy AI democratizes the power of AI….Look Ma! No data scientists needed!

Self-service bots relieve customers from having to parse FAQs. Customers win with fast answers to their most pressing questions, and agents are freed to focus on engagement with their most valuable customers.

Leverage the latest serverless app technology to quickly customize your Freshworks experience

The Customer-for-Life Cloud is at the forefront of serverless computing, pioneering applications of Amazon’s revolutionary Lambda serverless environment.  It has never been easier to build custom solutions that integrate Freshworks with your existing apps and infrastructure. You can build secure custom solutions on the Freshworks developer platform without needing to think about the infrastructure. Combine this with the power of Freddy AI, and you’ll be able to give customers what they need exactly when they need it.

Customer-for-Life Cloud powers the Freshworks 360 vision

The Freshworks 360 suite of customer-facing applications is powered by the Customer-for-Life Cloud. Freshworks 360 combines all customer touchpoints in one suite of products to enable businesses  to give every customer the best experience possible. With Freshmarketer, Freshsales, Freshdesk, and Freshsuccess, along with a truly integrated master customer record and a set of platform services, the Customer-for-Life Cloud gives users thorough and actionable data. 

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