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About Kalyanaraman Parthasarathi,

Kalyan has nearly 10 + years of experience in the IT management industry. He has been a part of every single team that makes a startup work. You name the team and he was an integral part of that it. He is someone who carries a vast knowledge and experience when it comes to SaaS.

The Rise of Customer Success Management in SaaS

Managing customers has changed significantly over the past decade and. In this edition of Freshthoughts, Kalyan, Director of Customer Success Management and I have a chat on the importance of Customer Success in an organization. He gets to the root of the matter and gives us insights on "why CSM matters?” and how Customer Success has evolved in the SaaS industry. He also contextualizes it to Freshworks and throws light on our "being a friend to our customers" philosophy.  We also touch upon topics revolving engaging with customers and being available when we're needed, reducing churn and driving revenue. It is a great Podcast for anyone who works with customers day in and out!

Listener Notes

0:23 - Introduction

1:45 - Great CSM

2:10 - Importance of CSM

5:43 - Being a customers friend

7:24 - Why does CSM management matter

10:31 - Customer engagement

15:05 - Customer centricity

18:04 - Customer feature request